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Can I Travel With CBD?!!
This is such an important question. You really should know this answer, as the consequences might be severe. Spoiler: You are completely safe to travel with HEMP CBD, but if you are using Marijuana CBD, this is very illegal.

Watch this recent Facebook Live Video from CEO James Sol Radina to get all the details. After traveling to Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and all over the USA, James has been through security many many times.  Concerned about TSA?  Watch the video:

Can you travel with CBD? YES! If it is Hemp CBD that is. National-wide legal CBD derived from Hemp is A-OK to travel with. I am just coming back from Mexico and in this Live Video I discuss my tips for traveling with BioCBD+ Water Soluble Capsules, Muscle & Joint Topical Oil & our All-Natural Vaporizer Oil.

In this video I reference our “Is CBD Legal?” page.

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