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🎗CBD For Breast Cancer Awareness Month🎗

11/11/2018 Update:  After further research, we will no longer be sending the 11.3% donation to Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We will instead send the donation to Environmental Working Group (https://www.ewg.org/).  You can read WHY we made this change in this informative article:  The Facade of Breast Cancer Awareness, Susan G. Komen and the Pink Ribbon

Original Post:

Did you know about this fact?  According to Susan G. Komen Foundation,

113 people die every day from breast cancer?!

This is unacceptable!  And, together we can reverse this.

Here at BioCBD+ our entire team wants to help.  So we are giving 11.3% of every purchase this month to Susan G. Komen Foundation [Update: This donation will go to EWG.org).  We also believe that there are millions of people that could benefit from our All-Natural BioAvailable CBD (with Curcumin) Capsules, therefore we are offering a 28.7% discount on our Total Body Care Capsules for a limited time this October.

We are serious and committed to supporting the health of all humans (and pets too) on this planet.  This is a huge discount as we normally do not give out discounts of this size.  To qualify, simply head over to our BioCBD+ Facebook page and message us.  You will immediately receive a response with the 28.7% off coupon code.  Click Here To Go To Facebook Messenger Now & Secure Your Coupon!


Please note:  We are not intending to make any medical claims about CBD.  This is purely educational content as we want people to be informed.  Please consult with your medical advisor.  Our products have not been approved by the FDA and our CBD will not cure or treat any disease. 

According to Cancer.gov website:

Please take advantage or our special CBD For Breast Cancer Awareness promotion this month of October.  Or forward this link to a friend!

To access your 28.7% off coupon:




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