Looking after your mental and emotional health can help you better manage the curve balls life throws at you. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to support both your mental and emotional health through self-awareness and mindful supplementation.

Emotional health vs mental health

Mental and emotional health are terms are sometimes used interchangeably. But the truth is, they are different systems that work together in the brain. 

Mental health relates to how the framework of your brain functions: everything from decision making, to managing stress, to how you interact with your family and friends. It’s your thinking side, whereas emotional health is your feeling side. 

Emotional health is a term that relates to how you process and manage feelings, the awareness of your emotions and how to appropriately express them. 

Both play a part in your overall health and happiness, so looking after both your mental and emotional health is an important part of your self-care routine. 

Safeguarding your emotional health 

The three main elements that are the building blocks of your emotional health are: 

  • Being aware of your emotions
  • Accepting, processing and managing feelings internally
  • Expressing your feelings appropriately

As you can imagine, when your emotional health is out of alignment, your thoughts and feelings can be skewed in a negative direction, causing internal turmoil or external conflict with those around you. 

When your feelings are playing an overactive part in your life, they can manifest as negative behaviors. We should not keep feelings bottled up, nor should we let them out in a firehose of emotion. 

Instead, safeguard your emotional health by practising regular self-care. This can help you manage and express your emotions in a productive way, without harming yourself or others. 

Ultimately, self-awareness is the key to regulating how your emotions color your behavior.  Like many things, it takes practice to recognize when you’re in an emotional pattern that isn’t serving you. 

What good emotional health looks like

When your emotional health is in balance, you can experience and express:

  • Feelings of gratitude for the people and things in your life, and appreciation for your blessings
  • Showing compassion for yourself and others, and treating people with kindness and without judgement
  • Self-love and a general feeling of comfort with who you are, and acceptance of your natural strengths and weaknesses 
  • A flexible attitude and a growth mindset: being able to respond healthily to challenges and unplanned situations
  • Joy and gratitude, particularly around experiences rather than possessions 
  • Leading a life with purpose and doing meaningful work, for example in your community, career, social circle, or spiritual group.

Flow into 2021 with a renewed commitment to your overall health

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