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Hemp Clothing Among First Uses of Hemp For Ancient Chinese

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Ancient Chinese Hemp Clothing

Hemp (cannabis sativa) has been around for a really long time, long before we were making hemp clothing, fibers, plastics and water soluble CBD products. Carl Sagan, famed astronomer, theorized that hemp and the practice of making hemp clothing went back to the dawn of civilization. Since food was already plentiful, he suggested that early civilizations of people cultivated hemp for other reasons.

In the Neolithic period, hemp cultivation (along with domestication of animals and building of permanent structures) signaled the end of the Stone Age. Ernest L. Able, possibly the greatest hemp historian, talks about the first recorded historical reference of hemp came from Taiwan. It was on this island off the coast of China where researches discovered the remains of a 10,000 year old village.

Ancient people’s discovery that twisted strands of hemp fiber were stronger than single strands led to the development of spinning and weaving machines and techniques. It was during that time that people begun making hemp clothing, which replaced the animal skins they had been using for clothing. The early Chinese not only relied on hemp clothing, but they also used hemp for making paper and strings for their bows. Hemp fueled the early Asian economies and could be considered the world’s first cash crop.

Today, hemp clothing is making a comeback thanks to an increase in awareness on topics such as sustainability. Modern hemp clothing is prized for its breath-ability, durability, and low impact on natural resources. When compared to cotton, hemp plants are able to produce more material for making fibers and need less water during cultivation. Hemp clothing companies, such as Nomads Hemp Wear, are leading the resurgence in hemp clothing with their quality made products and variety of choices.



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