Your soul is one of the most important and intricate, yet oft-neglected, parts of yourself. Your soul is like a light. When you nourish your soul, it takes the energy you put into it, soaks it up, and then emits that energy back into the world around you. This energy pervades every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships to your work, and most importantly, your relationships with yourself and with nature. 

When your soul is healthy and full of positive energy, it is easier to give parts of yourself to others in need. Your very nature and sense of being is stored in your soul. This is what connects you to other people. Others see you as open and inviting, so they turn to you for comfort, advice, and positive energy. In return, you feed off of their soul’s energy. This results in a mutually-beneficial relationship where you help uplift each other. 

When your soul is diminished, communication is harder. Relationships become more difficult to maintain, and you feel disconnected from the world. A neglected soul is weary. It makes room for negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that can affect your mindset and detract from your emotional health. When you suffer from a neglected soul, the world feels emptier and you find it harder to find passion and joy in the little things around you.  

Keeping your soul nourished and healthy can be difficult, but there are many possible ways to do so. There are different types of nourishment you can give your soul. Additionally, the benefits you obtain from soul nourishment vary depending on the source. 

Sources of soul nourishment

You must nourish your soul in order to grow and thrive. This nourishment can come from a variety of sources. Some sources are more physical things, like taking care of your body: eating healthy, drinking water. Getting enough sleep. Exercising. These types of nourishment can cause your body to produce greater quantities of endorphins, making you feel less stressed, more excited, and more alert. They help strengthen your mind and body, allowing you to feel more at peace with your physical presence in the world. 

Other methods of nourishing your soul are more abstract. These methods could be listening to music, connecting to nature, practicing mindfulness, or expressing gratitude. These focus on improving your emotional connection with yourself and the world around you, rather than your physical presence. While they are very different in practice from the physical sources mentioned, these sources also produce similar physiological effects. For example, stimulating the brain through music and other creative expressions has been shown to increase endorphin production levels, resulting in decreased feelings of stress. 

Regardless of which type of nourishment you choose to indulge in at any given moment, at its core, nourishing your soul is about relaxation of the brain. It is about letting go of your need for control, and allowing yourself to breathe. To better understand your soul’s needs, you must allow yourself to feel the world. Feel yourself connected to it, and understand its hold on you. Take some alone time if you need. Your soul cannot thrive if it is constantly being constrained by anxiety or stress, and this includes the stress that comes with daily social interaction. 

Creating a bedtime routine

Making a conscious effort to feed and sustain your soul will bring positivity to your life. In turn, this allows you to be a source of light to others. For those who struggle with getting enough sleep, consider starting a new night-time routine. Creating a simple, daily routine – and sticking to it – can have great benefits for your soul’s health. For example, it will help better prepare your body and mind for a restful sleep, which is necessary for the soul.

Some elements of a good night-time routine are:

  • Setting a bedtime
  • Turning off all screens an hour before going to sleep
  • Taking natural supplements to promote rest and relaxation
  • Practicing daily reflection and gratitude
  • Meditation

Using CBD to nourish your soul

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine is a great way to take care of your soul. Fortunately, with so many different forms of taking CBD, it’s easier than ever to find something that works for you.

If improving your evening wind-down is a goal, consider introducing biocbd+ Topical Oil to your nightly routine. The organic, topical hemp oil is rich in natural cannabidiol from hemp and other natural ingredients, helping you feel refreshed after a long day and ready for sleep. 

For those with busier lifestyles, it can be an even greater challenge to find time during the day to pay attention to your body. Actively nourishing your mind and soul often requires a time commitment you may not always have. On days when it feels like you don’t even have 15 minutes for a quick workout or meditation session, utilizing a CBD supplement may be a better and more time-manageable option. Try the new biocbd+ Total Body Care capsule, an all-natural, organic, water-soluble CBD capsule that is 5x to 10x more potent than any oil-based CBD product on the market. Total Body Care is easy to fit into your daily schedule and convenient to take at any time or any place, making it a great addition to a busy lifestyle.

Find out more about these biocbd+ products and how they can help you nourish your soul here.