If you are dealing with some problems in the bedroom, you may be interested in whether or not CBD can improve your sex life.

The answer is an emphatic YES!

Most couples have experienced problems in the bedroom at some point. Many of these problems stem from heightened tensions, emotional reactions, and overall stress. Therefore, the key to reaching your full sexual potential with your partner is by creating an open, relaxed, easy emotional space where you can both be committed to your intimacy and to each other’s comfort.

Read on for 3 tips on making CBD a part of your daily routine, to make you – and your partner – more at ease in the bedroom. 

Give each other massages

One of the most common methods sex therapists suggest to help ease performance anxiety and other issues in the bedroom is to first get physical with each other in non-sexual ways. Allowing yourself to slowly get closer and become more physically intimate with your partner over a longer period of time can help improve the flow of the moment, easing you into intimacy in a more natural way. 

One great way of facilitating this natural physical intimacy is through massage. Try lowering the lights and turning on some soft music. Then, alternate giving each other hand, foot, back, and neck massages. Use lots of oil to alleviate tension and heighten the senses. 

To elevate this experience even more, we recommend using a CBD-infused massage oil like biocbd+ Topical Oil. Our oil is specially formulated to promote overall comfort and relaxation. This allows you to focus on the moment and on your partner without distraction.

Try some sweet treats to set the mood

Another great way of relaxing and enjoying an intimate moment together is through food. Sex therapists often encourage the use of light, sweet foods to promote happiness and comfort. 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the staples like chocolate and strawberries. But, if you want to try something sweet with a little bit of a boost, we recommend biocbd+ Organic Fruit Slices. They’re sweet, delicious CBD gummies infused with broad-spectrum CBD for a perfect light snack to get you relaxed and in the mood. 

Physical wellness and self-care

Another huge element of achieving heightened, comfortable, intimacy with a partner is your overall health and wellness. Nobody is perfectly in the mood when they’re sick.  Even feeling run-down, or just a little bit tired, can have an effect on our sex drives. In fact, overtiredness and overstimulation are two of the most-cited reasons for having low (or even no) interest in sex. 

That’s why we recommend biocbd+ Total Body Care. It’s an all-natural, organic, water-soluble CBD capsule that is 5x – 10x more effective than any oil-based CBD product on the market. ​​We carefully source simple, natural ingredients to create a 100% bioavailable Ayurvedic supplement that gives you the full benefit of CBD, without the garbage. This encourages overall well-being and full body support. Taken once a day, Total Body Care will help you feel better in almost every way. It even helps if you’re in a busy spot at work or if your stress levels are generally running high. 

At biocbd+, we harness all of the great benefits of CBD by offering both affordable and easy-to-use products. All of our products can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Not only will you improve your sex life, but you may also find yourself feeling better in other areas of your life. For more information on our products, check out our FAQ