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Marijuana CBD Vs. Hemp CBD

By August 31, 2017News

Marijuana CBD versus hemp CBD, cannabidiol, hempMarijuana CBD Vs. Hemp CBD

At The End Of The Day, Which CBD Molecule Is More Safe & Effective?

We live in a period of history where the legality of the CBD (Cannabidiol) molecule is determined by the method it is extracted from the plant. The CBD you desire could be either “technically” legal or illegal, depending on the laws of the land, your zip code permits.

A good general rule of thumb, to keep you “legally safe,” is to stick with hemp extracted CBD (NOT Marijuana CBD).

At least, until FULL on federal legalization occurs, the male hemp is more socially acceptable than its sister marijuana. Hemp, unlike marijuana, will NOT leave you intoxicated or in trouble with the law.

Even though CBD brings you immense benefits, you do NOT become intoxicated. With CBD, you essentially get ALL the benefits of cannabis without the “party buzz” feeling. CBD brings the heal with NO “feel” and this precisely is what’s making CBD such an exciting molecule for the science community.

As of current legislation, to legally obtain CBD in the 50 US states and beyond, CBD has to be extracted from the [male] hemp plant. If you want CBD extracted from [female] marijuana, you will need to be in a legal state, such as Washington or Colorado.

Whether you decide to buy hemp CBD or marijuana CBD, the question becomes the following. Is there “more” to this unique CBD molecule than the legality of what part of the cannabis sativa plant you extract it from? In other words, why is there a seemingly VAST difference between [male] hemp CBD and [female] marijuana CBD?

A few questions we will be shining the light of truth and clarity on are:

  • What specifically is CBD?
  • What’s actually different about hemp CBD & marijuana CBD?
  • Is marijuana CBD better than hemp CBD?

What Specifically Is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100+ cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD is known for its beneficial applications in helping smooth out the various disadvantages life can sometimes hand out.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, as opposed to its highly psychoactive relative THC. What we know about CBD is that CBD is not THC, nor is CBD the entire cannabis sativa plant. We also know that CBD does NOT make your brain fog up or trip you into the delusions of a typical stoner.

CBD is not for stoners looking to get high for recreational fun. What CBD is good for involves a WIDE range of everyday “normal” use and feelings. Moreso, CBD is useful in helping restore your body to healthy & optimal functioning. 

What’s Actually Different About Hemp CBD & Marijuana CBD?

To start, both [male] hemp and [female] marijuana come from the same “mother” cannabis plant, as per United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA). Cannabis sativa can yield a [brother] hemp or a [sister] marijuana.

Brother hemp naturally contains a meager amount of THC that warrants a very small legal limit. Hemp can legally only have trace amounts of THC. The highest amount of THC that [brother] hemp can have is less than one-half of one percent (0.3%). With such a low amounts of THC in hemp, you can get away with saying hemp has ZERO psychoactive THC. Making this statement closer to the truth than not.

If hemp has more than 0.3% THC, it’s legally not hemp and would require more strict regulations like sister marijuana.

As we all may or may not know, marijuana is the female side of the cannabis sativa plant. Yielding HIGH levels of THC and low amounts of CBD. However, some female marijuana strains are bred specifically to have virtually zero THC and high amounts of CBD.

With this confusing little bit of truth, how do you know the difference between [brother] hemp CBD and [sister] marijuana CBD?

If you were to take a magical school bus ride and shrink yourself down to the size of molecules, you’d notice one bizarre and startling thing. By zooming up and looking at both hemp CBD and marijuana CBD, the first thing you’d see is they look very VERY similar. In fact, once you take an accurate gander at both CBDs, you quickly conclude that they are, in fact, the same thing! With some minor technical difference, ALL types of CBD are the same.

Is CBD extracted from brother hemp is the same thing as CBD derived from sister marijuana?

According to Franjo Grotenhermen, former Chairman of the International Association For Cannabinoid Medicines (2000-2003), “CBD is CBD.” He goes on to say, “the human body does not care where the molecule comes from.”

Just like a triangle is a triangle no matter if you cut the shape from cardboard or fiberglass. Just like the water (H2O) from your sink is the same H2O WATER you’d see coming from a running waterfall or a swimming pool. If the water molecule (H2O) is water, no matter the place you “scoop” it from, so too is a CBD molecule a CBD molecule.

BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! When the legal system comes trotting along and takes a peek at the CBD molecules, they see something INSANELY different. The legal system says there is an EXTREME difference in the CBD molecules. Therefore you can only partake of the CBD molecules “they” say is okay. And right now, living in weird America with our awkward laws, some interesting nit-picky laws could lead you to a strong bill of health or the inside of a prison cell. Which is why we gently recommend you choose hemp CBD and NOT marijuana CBD.

No matter what, or how, politicians bicker, the truth is that there is an objective reality. We have chemistry, molecular scientists, and international cannabinoid researchers agreeing and have a consensus that the CBD molecule is CBD… is CBD!

Is Marijuana CBD Better Than Hemp CBD?

If CBD is CBD, no matter how it’s created, why is there so much conversation and controversy around this non-psychoactive molecule?

This is an excellent question because CBD, in its isolated form, isn’t necessary “powerful” all by itself. No single isolate, and highly concentrated, cannabinoid molecule is potent, safe or useful when it enters the body leading a solo mission.

The founders of the THC molecule, Raphael Mechoulam, discovered an interesting phenomenon called the entourage effect that explains why single CBD molecules are bad. Very briefly, the entourage effect says that ALL the cannabinoid molecules need each other to work properly, as nature designed/evolved to be. Yes, science can eventually figure out how to Overcome The Bell‐Shaped Dose‐Response Of CBD. However, why would you want to focus on figuring out the specific level of safe use when you can use whole plant extract to be INCREDIBLY more safe and useful?

Since the CBD molecule is the same CBD molecule, it doesn’t matter how or where you get your CBD molecule, except to the legal system with marijuana CBD. What is important about CBD is that you do NOT take CBD in a single or isolated form. The reason for NOT ingesting a single cannabinoid is because of the entourage effect. The best and most efficient CBD Products will have a blend of many many other Cannabinoids extracted from the whole plant, among other ancient wonders. More Cannabinoid diversity will bring a more holistic effect for the results you seek to achieve with hemp CBD.


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