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Naturally-Derived CBD vs. Synthetic CBD: What’s the Difference?

By September 1, 2017News

You may have heard of synthetic cannabidiol or CBD. Many people flock to naturally-derived CBD for its positive health effects, which potentially include relief of pain and anxiety. But can a synthetic substance have the same positive effects?  BioCBD+™ believes in educating consumers about the difference, so here’s a complete guide to the difference between natural and synthetic CBD.

What Is Synthetic CBD?

Synthetic CBD is CBD that’s man-made in a laboratory. Chemically, a synthetic CBD compound is exactly identical to naturally-derived CBD.

Although cannabis is legal to grow and even use in many states, the U.S. federal government has attempted to place serious limitations on growing, transporting, and using it. This is why many sellers are stocking synthetic CBD over the naturally-derived kind: It doesn’t potentially put them into legal jeopardy.

People also choose synthetic CBD over naturally-derived CBD because they’re concerned about contamination. It’s true that any toxins in the air, soil, or water given to cannabis plants can carry over into naturally-derived CBD oil. However, carefully controlling these variables — like  BioCBD+™ does — keeps toxins from entering into the plant or its extracts.

The Entourage Effect

If the cannabidiol in synthetic CBD is chemically identical to what’s in naturally-derived CBD, it should have the same effect — right? Surprisingly, that’s not necessarily the case.

Cannabis is a complex melange of some 480 unique substances called cannabinoids (including CBD). Many of these substances can have powerful positive effects on the human body.

But these substances don’t work very well in isolation. Instead, they synergize to create something more than the sum of its parts. Researchers call this “the entourage effect”, and it’s why many medical marijuana activists insist the whole cannabis plant is so very important.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

That’s why  BioCBD+™ uses the whole plant to create its CBD oil. Because  BioCBD+™ extracts the oil from its natural source, you’re more likely to reap the full benefits of the entourage effect.

When  BioCBD+™ started making its naturally-derived CBD oil, people started to call it “Full Spectrum” thanks to the entourage effect. The name’s stuck, and  BioCBD+™ is proud to provide you with some of the finest naturally-derived CBD oil on the market.

So if you’re buying CBD oil, don’t settle for a synthetic. By using naturally-derived CBD oil, you’ll take advantage of the relief cannabis plants have to offer.


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