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Organic Hemp Oil Benefits Are Greater Than Cannabis Oil

By August 15, 2016Industry News, News


Have you ever wondered why the modern world is going gaga over organic foods, organic products and everything else organic? Advocates recommend organic products as they believe they are safer, more nutritious and also better in taste. It is also believed that organic production is environment-friendly and safer for the wildlife. Even though organic products are more expensive, many health freaks and environment lovers seem convinced that they are the right choice for a healthy living.

organic hemp oil benefits

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The case is no different with organic hemp oil. In this article, let’s discuss more about why and how organic hemp oil is highly nutritious and why it is better than other cannabis oils.

To start with, organic hemp oil is a wonderful source of quality nutrients. It is a natural, multi-purpose remedy that has a long history of treating various health conditions in the Eastern world. Despite all its health benefits and widespread popularity, its association with cannabis has prevented it from being an easily-accessible product in the West. Organic hemp oil shows no signs of THC content; however, it is still considered to be sketchy by many, thanks to the psychoactive element present in cannabis.

Thankfully, the impressions are changing now and the market for organic hemp oil is expanding in the US and other countries. An increasing number of buyers are seeking this product for its reported benefits.

On that note, let’s dig a little more into the benefits of natural hemp oil.

  • It Promises to Improve Your Heart’s Condition

Organic hemp oil contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in the ratio 3:1, a combination proven to support the health of your heart and cardiovascular functions as well. These fatty acids are also useful in promoting different biological processes and preventing various degenerative diseases.          

  • It Promotes Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair

Organic hemp oil is commonly used as a skin moisturizer. Studies have shown that it can significantly decrease skin dryness, reducing irritation and itching. Its inflammatory and antioxidant properties can reduce aging signs while also soothing the skin.

  • It’s a Wonderful Nutrition for the Brain and the Eye    

Natural hemp oil contains essential fatty acids like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), much needed for the development of the brain. DHA is also known to support the retina of the eye. Pregnant women who consume organic hemp oil can help eye and brain development of the baby inside.

organic hemp oil benefits, hemp seed oil, cannabis oil

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  • It’s a Fatty Acid Supplier that is Free from Mercury

Products derived from seafood, like fish oil, are known to boost omega-3 fatty acids, a much-needed addition for your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their natural health benefits including immune system development, brain development and mood regulation. Pregnant women would love to add these nutrients to their regular diets. Fish, however, contain significant amounts of mercury, a constituent known to hinder body mechanisms and neurology development of the baby inside.

This is where organic hemp oil comes into play as it is a terrific alternative to conventional fatty acids containing omega-3. It simply doesn’t contain the same level of risk due to lack of mercury ingestion.

  • It Promotes the Immune System

Organic hemp oil features essential fatty acids that are known to improve healthy flora inside the intestines and promote immune system response. This can be extremely helpful, especially during cold and flu conditions, when viruses are running rampant at workplaces, schools and other places of social interaction.

  • Other Benefits of Organic Hemp Oil

The rich benefits of this natural oil are not confined to the list provided above. Hemp oil is also known to:

  1. Maintain hormonal balance
  2. Energize and regenerate the protective layer of the skin
  3. Help vegans who struggle to maintain the right diet that includes omega-3 and omega-6. Natural oil has an optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6.
  4. Control cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes
  5. Prevent Psoriasis and Varicose Veins

So, Why is Organic Hemp Oil Better than Other Products Like Marijuana Oil?    

Unlike most other forms of CBD oil (like marijuana oil), organic hemp oil, as the name suggests, is organic and rich in CBD. Hemp oil is derived from the whole cannabis plant and is 100% safe and popular for its superlative medicinal values.

organic hemp oil benefits, hemp seed

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Inorganic CBD oils contain lesser cannabidiol content and require large amounts of industrial hemp for a small quantity of CBD extraction. There is a higher risk of contamination, as industrial hemp is a known bio-accumulator, which means it has a tendency to draw toxins present in the soil.

The levels of THC and CBD are different in natural hemp oil and other CBD oils. Hemp oil, with its low THC content and better CBD content, has more nutritional value than any other CBD products in the market today. Hemp-derived CBD oil is easily accessible and is available in most online stores and outlets. This form of CBD is safer on pregnant women or nursing women, children, and for those who cannot consume pharmaceutical medicines.   

Some Reliable Places to Buy Organic Hemp Oil

By now, you have realized the innumerable health benefits of natural hemp oil. The next question that will probably strike your mind is – “Where do I get them? Who are the most reliable suppliers of organic hemp oil?”

Here is the answers.     


BioCBD Plus offers the next step up in the evolution of organic hemp oil. BioCBDplus.com is the leading provider of all-natural, water soluble and bioavailable organic hemp products. BioCBDplus is one of the few companies that a) involves turmeric, and b) produces water-soluble CBD to make their all-natural organic hemp products.

Going back to where I started it all, the mad rage for organic foods and other organic stuff these days is understandable, considering their rich benefits. If you are an organic lover who is looking for the best CBD products, organic hemp oil is your best bet.  

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