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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Using Hemp-Derived CBD Products

Urine Drug Test, CBD

If you are considering the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and its healing effects, you may have an important question on your mind – how to pass a urine drug test. It is a legitimate concern, as employers have been urine testing their employees and job candidates for decades to look for evidence of drug use. Illicit drug use on the job can impact workplace safety, so employers are often careful to ensure that their employees aren’t taking a substance that could be a risk for a work-related accident.

In some cases, the fear of using cannabis showing up on a drug test is so great that people become too scared to use it, and for people who rely on CBD for medical benefits like pain relief or its anti-inflammatory or anticonvulsant properties, this is a real shame. Fortunately, there is an answer to their problems – CBD-rich hemp oil products. These products are non-psychoactive and completely legal in all 50 states, and when used correctly, they will allow you to get the therapeutic benefits while passing your drug test.

What Happens during Urine Drug Test?

When your urine is tested for signs of marijuana use, it goes through a two-part test to look for THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the active ingredient in marijuana, and the test can find out if THC or metabolites are in your urine. It is highly accurate, and a positive result can mean past or recent marijuana use.

A urine drug test for marijuana will be positive if the THC amount in a sample exceeds 50 nanograms per millimeter, which is known as the cut-off level. If you are a regular marijuana user, but receive a negative test result, it could be because the THC levels in your body are below 50 ng/ml. If your test is positive, a confirmation test will usually be completed in order to ensure that the original result was a true result and wasn’t caused by another substance or medication that affected the test.

When you complete a urine drug test, it won’t be able to tell the exact day that you last used marijuana, as THC can stay in your system long after you’ve stopped using. For a casual user, THC can linger in the body for 10 days, but long-term users can get positive test results for more than a month after their last time using.

Myths about Cannabis and Passing aUrine Drug Test

If you use cannabis and are worried about passing a drug test, don’t allow yourself to be duped into believing one of these common urine testing myths:

  • Drinking a lot of water before your test will reduce THC levels. While drinking a ton of water could dilute your urine to the point that THC is undetectable, it also sends a warning to the company that is testing you.
  • Heavy exercise before a test can help you to pass. For heavy smokers, this will only be helpful in the weeks before your test, but it won’t do anything to help you pass a surprise screening.
  • Home remedies can get you a passing grade. A Google search will bring up a variety of home remedies for passing a drug test, ranging from taking mega doses of vitamins to eating Jell-O and drinking cranberry juice, but none of these strategies will actually provide any benefit to your test results.

It is also important to note that while there are estimates for how long THC will stay in your system, different strains contain different amounts of THC. If you use a strain that has low amounts of THC, you may be able to pass a drug test without problems. However, there are more effective ways to get the desired effects of cannabis and still pass a drug test without taking that risk.

CBD and Drug Testing

If you are hoping to enjoy all of the benefits of cannabis without the worry of a positive drug test, CBD may be right for you. The urine drug screen used to test for THC-COOH is known to have little cross-reactivity for non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as CBD, which is good news for people who use CBD/hemp oil. Even in products that do contain small amounts of THC, CBD can help mitigate it, meaning that amounts in the body will be well below the 50 ng/ml cut-off level. Hemp-derived CBD products like ours at BioCBD+ contain less than 0.001% THC by volume, so the risk of a positive drug test is essentially non-existent.

It is important to note that people who use unusually large doses of CBD-rich hemp oil products could potentially test positive in the initial urinary screen, especially if they are not using the product as directed. This is a very rare occurrence, and the urine screen would likely represent a “false positive” as a result of other non-THC compounds or metabolites. When this occurs, the confirmation test would produce a negative, as CBD and other cannabinoids are not detected by this more specific and accurate screening.

CBD is the Most Reliable Way to Use Cannabis and Pass a Drug Test

If you want to enjoy the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabis – but you also want to keep your job and pass your drug test – the best thing that you can do is to use hemp-derived CBD products that contain minimal amounts of THC and mitigate the effects of the small doses they do contain. At BioCBD+, we offer a variety of CBD products, including capsules and oils that can help with muscle and joint relief. Best of all, you’ll be able to feel better without worrying about how to pass a urine drug test.



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