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BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD Capsules

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Total Body Care

Total Body Care is an all-natural, organic, water-soluble CBD capsule that is 5x – 10x more effective than any oil-based CBD product on the market.

We use a proprietary combination of organic turmeric (curcumin) and organic, full-spectrum hemp extract to create CBD that actually works.

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42 reviews for BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD Capsules

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    From Daniel, Verified Customer:
    Like most people I started using cbd oil, and cbd isolate products. Those seemed to work a bit. I was blown away when I first tried BioCBD’s Total Body Care. I have worked in a huge warehouse for about 10 years, so work has taken its toll on my body. I have tendonitis in both of my arms, that tension travels up to my shoulders and eventually I get really bad shoulder pain. BioCBD’s TBC water soluble capsules completely do the trick for me. Whether I am sore from the night before or sore on the job. I take 1-2 capsules a day as needed. In addition to all that I also work nights, so sleep is hard to come by. These little magic pills make falling asleep so much easier. Lastly, these miracle pills also combat my combined type adhd/add. I feel way more focused when I take them. I have all the focus and energy that I had when taking prescription behavioral meds without the side effects. I am now telling everyone I know about BioCBD and how they can reap the same benefits! – Daniel

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    From Ben, Verified Customer:
    BioCBD+ Total Body Care Capsules are the most effective CBD product I’ve ever used. Overall, my recovery has seen significant improvements. The anti-inflammatory effects are notable, and I’ve seen the quality of my sleep improve as well. The calming effect of even 1 capsule is noticeable to me. Very grateful to Ben Greenfield for the recommendation on his podcast/website! – Ben

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From Anonymous, Verified Customer:
    “Thanks to BioCbdPlus Total Body capsules, my son’s Ulcerative Colitis has improved significantly and we have been able to stay off pharmaceuticals. He can now eat more, has more energy and is growing like a normal, healthy child. This is amazing because he was so sick he could only eat five foods (cooked and blended to oblivion) and stopped growing for a year. We have tried many different CBD products and this one has really worked for us. I hope that by sharing this story it can help others, too.” Anonymous

  4. Brittani (verified owner)

    From Brittani, Verified Customer:
    I am a 30 year old nurse and have been having back pain for over a year now after a sports injury. I have tried many cbd products and biocbd is by far the most effective. I have been able to put off having surgery and have made my way back to the gym. I have also stopped anxiety medication that I’ve had to take for over five years. Thank you for making this amazing product. Brittani

  5. John (verified owner)

    From John, Verified Customer:
    I use the BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules for my lower back pain, I need surgery they say but that is not an option now.

  6. Paul (verified owner)

    From Paul, Verified Customer:
    I take the BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules in the morning to have relaxed clarity/reduced headaches and in the evening for top-notch sleep. I had Lymes disease from 2012-2015 so I am big into supplementation, and this stuff has one of the most noticeable effects of anything I’ve experimented with. It’s the future of neuro therapeutics and for others suffering as I have. Thanks again

  7. Rosa (verified owner)

    From Rosa, Verified Customer:
    Hi BioCBDplus! We Love your product and use it daily for our 16-month-old son. Since he’s so young and I only give him a fraction of a BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsule I have a few bottles extra at the moment. He has Hirschsprung’s Disease. Due to having many surgeries & procedures he has severe anal spasms that don’t allow stool to pass easefully. Botox was the only treatment that was successful before finding CBD. It relaxes his anal spasms.

  8. Kirk (verified owner)

    From Kirk, Verified Customer:
    I am a 50-year-old man and I ordered 1 of all of your products to help with old age. I just love your BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules, they help me feel better, sleep better, it chills me out and helps me cope with life. I will use the Muscle & Joint Relief topical oil for sore joints and the vape is great for my anxiety. Thank you so much!

  9. Curtis (verified owner)

    From Curtis, Verified Customer:
    I have tried about a half a dozen different CBDs for chronic back pain, and the BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD Capsules is the only one that I get results with. I only need one to two capsules to feel a difference. Keep up the good work BioCBD+!

  10. Jennifer (verified owner)

    From Jennifer, Verified Customer:
    I love using CBD as a natural alternative for sleep aid, muscle relaxant, and anxiety/stress reliever. I take 2 BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules before bed every night and I never feel groggy in the morning and I consistently get the relief and benefits I desire from using CBD daily. BioCBD+ is the best on the market and of outstanding quality! I wouldn’t try anything else.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From Anonymous, Verified Customer:
    Biocbd+ Total Body Care CBD Capsules has helped my Mom deal with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and because it is in capsule form, makes it possible for her to take the correct dosage. Otherwise, it would be difficult for her to manage. Very grateful… Thank you!

  12. James (verified owner)

    From James, Verified Customer:
    Amazing product! I really felt a difference after doing the vape pen for two months. More importantly, I recommended to a friend because his mom had cancer. She was getting ready to start chemotherapy (2nd time around), and I suggested that she take BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules in parallel with her chemo treatments. I believe the BioCBD+ capsules would minimized the effects of chemo, which it did. Not only that, but when she did her ct scan follow up after chemo treatment, they did not detect any cancer. Incredible since the doctors told her that the cancer was beyond control.

  13. Ryan (verified owner)

    From Ryan, Verified Customer:
    What a Difference Maker! I’ve been taking CBD for about a year now to help with inflammation and to calm me down. I am a hard-charging guy who is always on the move juggling a business and a family with 3 kids under the age of 5. On top of that, I am training for a marathon…Needless to say, I put a lot of stress on my body and mind, but CBD really helps me to keep me healthy, calm and relaxed. My experience with BioCBD+ specifically has been awesome. I use the BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief topical oil on my sore joints and the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD capsules and the I AM PEACE CBD Vape pen at night. There is such a clear difference in quality and bioavailability between BioCBD+ and the others I have taken – I have to take a lot less to feel the same effects. Awesome products and great content from BioCBD+!

  14. Joe (verified owner)

    From Joe, Verified Customer:
    Started giving my son the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD capsules two weeks ago for the petite seizures he is having about every day. Tried one pill a day for first three to four days with minimal success, then tried two a day. One pill at 8 am and the next one at 2 pm so far so good! Hope to reduce other seizure meds as time goes by.

  15. J.S. (verified owner)

    From J.S., Verified Customer:
    I have been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis almost my whole life. I was still “lucky”, never really had problems besides a little bit of blood. Usually, that stopped after a short time period, but last time it started, my usual tricks just didn’t help. I was extremely frustrated and upset, I was bleeding for over a year. Nothing that usually stopped it seemed to help. So I was doing research because I wanted to try CBD, and finally started taking BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD Capsules. The results were EPIC! After just a few capsules (I am taking 1 per day) there was barely any blood left, and after a couple of weeks, it COMPLETELY stopped! For the past 2 months, I have been doing just fine. I strongly believe that everyone who has to deal with this disease should give it a try, it is absolutely worth it. Nothing to lose, no side effects at all. It is just like taking vitamins. It might be necessary to take more than one capsule a day if you are really suffering under all the symptoms.

  16. Marc (verified owner)

    From Marc, Verified Customer:
    We started with the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care Capsules for my puppy who suffers from renal disease and Arthritis in her rear hips. Since being on this product Ms. Daisy Mae is walking again and having fun as a good pooch should. Watching her both my wife and I decided to try the I AM PEACE CBD Vape product (Daisy seems to refuse to use it 🙂 ) and have had great success for that with our age-related aches and pains. What I love about the product is its purity and ease of ordering! Thank you!

  17. Cameron (verified owner)

    From Cameron, Verified Customer:
    Issues: Headaches, joint pain/back pain
    Remedy: When feeling pain I take 2 of the Total Body Care 30 capsules and the pain is relieved without having to take anti-inflammatory aspirin or ibuprofen (NSAID). More and more studies are showing the negative side effects of these anti-inflammatory medicines on your stomach and gut. I sleep better as well.

  18. Jill (verified owner)

    From Jill, Verified Customer:
    As someone living with multiple sclerosis, the BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules have greatly improved my physical symptoms, decreasing my pain and fatigue. I am also sleeping more soundly through the night and feeling calmer in general. I have tried 2 other brands of CBD and BioCBD+ is more effective. Thank you!

  19. Mark (verified owner)

    From Mark, Verified Customer:
    Hi! I have been using your BioCBD+™ Total Body Care capsules for two months. I was diagnosed with Crohns about a year ago. Since I started using the capsules my inflammatory markers have hit an all time low. And I feel great!! Thanks for a fabulous product.

  20. Sue (verified owner)

    From Sue, Verified Customer:
    I have been taking the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD capsules now for about 2 weeks and have now cut back on my prescription drugs, I’m feeling less stress during a very stressful time at work and am sleeping through the night. I also love the BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief oil. It relieves my knee pain almost instantly. I encourage everyone to try it for themself to see the immediate affects. I have shared it with many family & friends, they too have felt the affects & are now buying BioCBD+ products too.

  21. Stewart (verified owner)

    From Stewart, Verified Customer:
    My wife and I have been using the BioCBD products they sell for about two months now. I use the I AM PEACE CBD Vape device while my wife uses the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care capsules. We tend to take a 10 mg dose each evening. My wife had been having nighttime arthritis pain in both her knees and her CBD completely eradicated the pain, thus allowing her to sleep much better through the night. For me after vaping 10 mg of CBD, I was able to fall asleep almost immediately when i was used to taking 30 min. to an hour to fall asleep. Both the company and its products have made significant improvements in both our lives. Thanks BioCBD+!

  22. Chris (verified owner)

    From Chris, Verified Customer:
    I have recently been diagnosed with a recurrence of prostate cancer after having HIFU treatment about 1.5 years ago. In researching the current state-of-the-art thinking in alternative medicine circles, I’m very interested in pursuing the use of CBD in resolving my situation. I am only on my 3rd bottle of BioCBD+ Total Body Care Capsules and am not yet under medical care from a naturopathic physician, but I have high hopes. I have built my way up to three capsules per day and have no problem tolerating that dose. I take it in the evening, and I haven’t slept better in years. It seems to have a very calming effect for me at a time of some pretty serious stress because of my medical diagnosis. I plan to continue the product even if just for the stress relief and restful nights. Many thanks for that.

  23. Aaron (verified owner)

    From Aaron, Verified Customer:
    I use a couple of different BioCBD+ products to take my meditation efforts to the next level. I take the Total Body Care capsule about 30 minutes before and vape the BioCBD+ right before I begin each meditation session. I get great results, fast! These are great products that I am happy to have found.

  24. FX (verified owner)

    From FX, Verified Customer:
    I have had chronic back pain for about 5-6 years. About 2 years ago my wife gave my BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules and told me to take it every day. I usually only take 1 a day and it wasn’t until I ran out -and started noticing again what I wasn’t feeling before- that I realized how much it helped my back, my mental clarity and focus, and my overall wellness and energy levels. I took 2 caps the other day for the first time and layered on the BioCBD+ Muscle and Joint Pain topical oil and noticed a dramatic improvement in my back pain, flexibility, and my overall ability to function and exercise. There is nothing else that helps so much and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you guys for helping people like me and others who have it much worse. Thank you for your excellent dedication to health and happiness.

  25. D (verified owner)

    From D., Verified Customer:
    Hi there, I am a US citizen living in SA to help my Mother. My mom has ovarian cancer and was in remission but it is back now and it is stage 3 and she also has fluid in her lungs. My dad has passed away in the process. Your BioCBD+ capsules has helped her though, with the chemo. It helps her to stay calm and with eating and sleeping. Thank you so much, what an angel you are!

  26. Rick A. (verified owner)

    From Rick A., Verified Customer:
    I have had the BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules and the Muscle and Joint Relief Topical Oil for less than a week now. I purchased both to help with my shoulder arthritis, the pain from which is keeping me from ever getting a decent night’s sleep. Since taking the capsules (one each evening before bed) and applying the topical oil (to ONE shoulder, using the other as a control with the old rub-in pain remedy), I have felt great improvement, with both pain reduction and improved sleep. Typically I will wake up after 3 or 4 hours, use the bathroom, re-apply the topical oil, and head back to bed. I will say I feel more rested already.

  27. E (verified owner)

    From E., Verified Customer:
    Your BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules are really helping me so much with my vertigo. This is a horrible, debilitating illness. I have had to stop working now as I await my shipment. I have had this illness now for 10 years and BioCBD+ really helps me so much- it is the only thing.

  28. Brian (verified owner)

    From Brian,
    I’ve been using BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules in the evenings about an hour before bed and have been having great sleep. Usually I wake up every couple of hours (or more) and with the CBD capsules, I sleep at least 6 hours in a stretch and wake up refreshed.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From Anonymous, Verified Customer:
    I have used various CBD products in the last two years for inflammation after knee surgery, and as an aid to sleep. I have found your Total Body Care CBD capsules to be the most efficient, effective, and affordable product of all in both these areas.

  30. Laura (verified owner)

    From Laura S., Verified Customer:
    I had a terrible sinus infection and a horrible headache. For days. Because I am pregnant, I asked James if a couple of BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules would help. He said to try a couple. It helped so much!! I was able to finally rest after days of this severe sinus infection and nothing was working…going to keep taking it to see what continues to happen!! Thank you!

  31. Rebecca (verified owner)

    From Rebecca, Verified Customer:
    I’ve been taking the BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules for a couple weeks now. They do well with my stomach and seem to be taking the edge off my chronic pain.

  32. Leo Z. (verified owner)

    From Leo Z., Verified Customer:
    My wife has cancer and your CBD is the only thing that helps her rest and feels a bit more comfortable. We are trying to get the wife to live a little longer and I know that we are doing everything we can and you are really helping. The BioCBD+ Total Body Care CBD capsules works very well for her.

  33. Courtney K. (verified owner)

    From Courtney K., Verified Customer:
    I have been taking CBD for about a year now. I recently switched to BioCBD+ and was immediately able to tell a difference. I mainly take it for sleep. I usually will wake several times and not be able to fall back asleep. Other CBD brands did help, but I still would wake up some degree, so imagine my surprise after taking BioCBD+ for one night and actually waking up to my alarm. I did not wake once!! I love this product and I highly recommend it!

  34. Pauleen D. (verified owner)

    From Pauleen D., Verified Customer:
    I have just started using BioCBD+ oil to ease arthritis pain and injury to my knees. The treatment has been very helpful in reducing symptoms. This is the first time that I have used any CBD product. I received quick and helpful replies to my questions. I shall continue using BioCBD+.

  35. Lorie H. (verified owner)

    From Lorei H., Verified Customer:
    Just a quick review of the BioCBDPlus capsules I’ve been taking for the last few weeks. Have noticed improved sleep & less daytime anxiety. Will be placing another order soon!

  36. Daniel T. (verified owner)

    From Daniel T., Verified Customer:
    The Total Body Care capsules have been extremely helpful in treating my sleeping disorder. I feel much more well-rested after taking 1 capsule about an hour and half before bed. I also don’t feel any of the side-effects associated with using sleep medication. BioCBD+ has truly changed my health for the better.

  37. Jenny G. (verified owner)

    From Jenny G., Verified Customer:
    I Looooooove this product. I have tried so many different supplements over the years and never before have I felt such a dramatic increase in calm, mental energy and pain relief. My digestion has started to improve drastically and the pain under my rib subsides almost immediately after taking 2 capsules of the Total Body Care CBD. I have only been taking BioCBD+ for 5 days and I am so impressed that I am reordering today so that I can continue taking this product. I want everyone who is suffering with ANYTHING to know about this CBD product. I feel renewed and inspired again. Thank you, Thank you so much to the makers of this product and those who have made it available to the world! I will definitely be telling everyone about the benefits of BioCBD+. Kindest Regards, Jenny G.

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From Anonymous, Verified Customer:
    I tried your BioCBDPlus capsules and since have tried other brands of CBD. I have to say there is absolutely no comparison thus far!

  39. Angela G. (verified owner)

    From Angela G., Verified Customer:
    I’ve seen excellent results using BioCBD+ to help treat my partner’s Crohn’s. After using your bio available CBD for a number of months we have seen significant benefits and would be interested in making the product more easily available to customers in UK and Europe.

  40. Amanda (verified owner)

    From Amanda, Verified Customer:
    I did a lot of research before settling on these hemp tablets. I didn’t want any nasty hemp taste and with these tablets I don’t get any of that! It takes a little bit to kick in, but once it does they really work. My wrists are always giving me trouble from my years of gardening and with the BioCBD+ capsules I feel much better. My wrists don’t hurt thank you.

  41. Darrel (verified owner)

    From Darrel, Verified Customer:
    This BioCBD+ products has been a blessing for me and my wife who both use it. The water soluble CBD capsules does seem to work really well, although I can’t quite make the difference between this and the other stuff I bought from this website. They both are heavy dosages and exactly what we needed to help our situation. Quick shipping, recommended!

  42. Maricel (verified owner)

    From Maricel, Verified Customer:
    I’ve been taking this Total Body Care CBD capsules for a week and notice a difference immediately after taking it.

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