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Psy-Tek Laboratories Teams up to Assess the Effects of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Inflammation is well-known as the beginning of any degenerative disease due to it being the body’s first line of defense against infection. Medical Thermal Imaging is a highly preventive health assessment due to its capacity to see the first signs of inflammation throughout the body. Scanning for inflammation lends to finding disease-patterns early; this provides enough time for intervention and thus better chances of prevention.

Psy-Tek Subtle Energy Laboratory in Encinitas, California prides itself on providing non-invasive Medical Thermal Imaging (MTI) to their clients; both on an individual basis and for research. MTI is a great assessment for studying ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of a product because it doesn’t affect or otherwise manipulate the tissue being studied. This is because MTI measures the heat that emits FROM your body, rather than sending waves of radiation AT your body.

BioCBD+ is the creation of James Sol Radina and is a branch of Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries (EADlabs.com), and like the name suggests, the products are made to work with the innate wisdom of the body, rather than against it. BioCBD+ products are water soluble and because the body is 70%+ water, this increases the compound’s ability to travel faster and more efficiently throughout the body. To align with health-conscious and Ayurvedic values, BioCBD+ produces vegan, non-gmo and all-natural hemp derived CBD products.

Psy-Tek Labs and BioCBD+ teamed up to measure the effects of BioCBD+ on pain and inflammation. Clients were carefully screened to partake in this case study.

The results are as follows:

Client 1 had a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and a meniscus tear in the right knee. The day of study he reported his pain at 4/10 and after taking the BioCBD+ product and rescanning with MTI, he described his pain as a .5/10 which correlates with the reduction of hyperthermia (heat) in the Medical Thermal Image. Hyperthermia (heat) is represented as yellow and red in the images below. Green is considered within normal range. The reduction in heat is easily seen from ‘Before’ to ‘After.’



Client 2 had a diagnosis of scoliosis, a history of car accidents and reported intense pain radiating from the left shoulder blade to her neck. She reported pain the day of imaging as 6-7/10 and a limited Range of Motion at 50%. After taking the product, waiting the allotted time and rescanning, the client reported a lessening in pain to 3-4/10 and increase in Range of Motion to 70-80%, also correlating with the reduction of heat in the ‘after’ image below – easily seen by the disappearing of the yellow and red color from the ‘Before’ to the ‘After’ image.



Overall, there was an impressive reduction in client-reported pain and a significant reduction in heat over the areas of pain. The thermal patterns themselves reduced in area, distribution and intensity, which are all important parameters in Thermography. The clients all expressed interest in ordering the products the day of the study, and follow-up with the clients 2 weeks later confirmed that they were very pleased with the results of the study and would continue to use the BioCBD+ products for pain.



Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries uses plant-based medicine in union with the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine (the oldest healing modality in the world – originating at least 3,000 years ago in India).

The objective findings of Medical Thermal Imaging support the hypothesis that BioCBD+ is helpful in the reduction of pain and inflammation, which is correlated by the subjective client-reported findings. BioCBD+ is a product clearly designed to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself!

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