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The Sacred Plant and CBD Products

By June 19, 2017Industry News, News


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The Sacred Plant and Cannabis Products

The sacred plant is the cannabis plant, which has had a bad rap over the last 70 years. Vilified for being a gateway drug with no therapeutic use, it’s easy to forget that its use both as medicine and in spirituality, dates back thousands of years.

Indeed, in ancient times, traditional Hindu poems recount how the god Shiva brought this sacred plant down from the Himalayas and gave it to mankind. These days in modern India, Bhang Lassis – cannabis flowers mixed with milk or yogurt – bring extra life to Indian religious festivals, where loin-cloth wearing sages smoke cannabis to aid spiritual enlightenment.

Sacred Plant: Hemp vs. Marijuana

It almost feels like the marijuana most people use for recreational purposes is a far cry from the cannabis plant used as medicine and sacred practices. But why would this be?

Since the prohibition of cannabis in the 1930’s, when it comes to cultivation, much emphasis has been put on the psychoactive compound, THC. While it’s difficult to gauge the change exactly, since the 1990’s it’s thought THC levels have roughly tripled.

That is not the only change the cannabis plant has encountered. THC is one of over 100 special compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids. The second most abundant is called CBD or Cannabidiol, which unlike THC has no psychoactive effect.

In contrast to THC, CBD levels have generally plummeted over recent years. The result: a version of cannabis very different to the sacred variety worshiped by many ancient cultures.

But of late, a shift in CBD’s fate has come about with the return to favor of the humble hemp plant. Before you get too confused, hemp is just another word for cannabis, it just has next to no levels of THC. In the past, hemp was used for making rope, clothing, paper and food. No one knew that it also had significant levels of CBD, because until recently no one was aware that CBD even existed.

What’s CBD?

Until the 1960s very little was known about CBD. But over the last thirty years, the cannabinoid has become the subject of much scientific research which is throwing up some interesting potential therapeutic uses. Until now, most investigation has been at the preclinical stage, meaning comparatively few studies have been performed on humans. But despite this, scientists believe CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, an anti-convulsant, reduces levels of anxiety, and is a potent antioxidant.

Another interesting discovery about CBD is that it also reduces the high feeling associated THC, as well as potentiating THC’s therapeutic effect. This backs up what’s known as the entourage theory, which suggests that when it comes to cannabis, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Endocannabinoid System

Back in the 1990’s when scientists were trying to understand how cannabis worked in the body, they made an amazing discovery – that each and every one of us has what’s known as an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Comprising a vast network for cannabinoid receptors and cannabis-like chemicals, it’s the body’s own way of regulating itself, bringing balance to functions such as sleep, appetite, memory, mood and pain.

Scientists observed that THC fitted directly into the CB1 receptors found in the brain and central nervous system, hence creating the high effect. But when it came to CBD, things weren’t quite so straight forward. That’s because CBD has what’s known as a low binding affinity with the endocannabinoid receptors, but it does activate other non-ECS receptors involved in pain, inflammation, and mood. In fact, CBD can assert an effect on multiple pathways at once, hence explaining why its application is being researched for such a wide variety of conditions.

It is also thought that CBD might strengthen the endocannabinoid system. Anandamide, one of the body’s own cannabis-like chemicals, has a very short life span – the body only produces it when it’s needed it, then breaking it down quickly using a special enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). But it is believed that CBD inhibits the production of FAAH, which may in turn strengthen the endocannabinoid system.

CBD the most important part of the Sacred Plant

It seems crazy to think that the vital role played by CBD in the cannabis plant has gone unrecognized and undervalued for so many years. Some might even say that CBD’s gentle regulating function could make it the most important and indeed sacred part of the cannabis plant. Without CBD, cannabis is just a means to get stoned, but with it, our body, mind and spirit can be lifted and balanced.

Why bioavailability is important

OK, so maybe you’re thinking ‘CBD sounds great, right? Now what?’

Well, it’s not just as simple as going with the first CBD product you find. Most CBD available on the market is sold as an oil. And it doesn’t take a first-class degree in chemistry to realize that our bodies our made up of 60% water. So how can the body absorb an oil based product and use its active compounds effectively?

Good question. What we’re talking about here is bioavailability – how much of a product’s ingredients the body can use. As a rule, the bioavailability of standard CBD oil products is quite low – somewhere between 6-12%. But at BioCBD+™, we knew there had to be a way that less CBD got wasted, meaning more value for money and better health for the customer.

BioCBD+™ CBD Products: The Sacred Plant in the 21st Century

That’s why with BioCBD+™’s range, they created the best water-soluble CBD on the market, boasting the highest bioavailability.

Not only that, but they take inspiration from sacred India by combining CBD with Ayurvedic herbs, to create market leading products such as the Total Body Care capsules & Muscle and Joint Topical oil.

All our BioCBD+™ products boast the unique combination of full spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp, with their unique water-soluble technology, to guarantee that you get 100% bioavailability, and value for money.

So, come join us and celebrate the return & upgrade of the sacred plant with BioCBD™ technology.













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