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State of CBD Address: FDA, Trump, White House, Big Pharma, Hemp vs Marijuana and more

State of CBD Address

February 26, 2017, CEO James Sol Radina shares about Donald Trump, the White House, Big Pharma, Marijuana vs Hemp CBD, Bioavailable & Water Soluble CBD and much more…

Aloha family and friends!

We have received so many concerned questions and comments about all the recent news about the CBD Industry.  With many confusing news articles and blog posts coming out, about what President Trump and the White House are doing and saying, to what the Pharmaceutical Industry is doing with CBD, there is much to discuss. In this video we start with the history of Cannabis to where we are today. As CEO and Founder of BioCBD+, a company that has been selling water soluble CBD for the last 2.5 years, shipping to all 50 states and over 40 countries, I wanted to share my State of CBD Address.  Many of you may have seen some recent discussions online and through social media, claiming everything from CBD Oil being illegal, to CBD is going away completely, so let’s get to the bottom of all these rumors.

I hope you enjoyed this video.  Please share it and leave your comments below.
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BioCBD Plus™ exists to help others.  It is our #1 goal to help as many people realize the benefits of this amazing plant and through our water soluble CBD products.   We understand the industry can be confusing, so do not hesitate to reach out.  Call or email our customer support team today or ask your questions in the comments below.  And try a Hemp CBD sample pack today.

Many Blessings.

James Sol Radina

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