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Our flagship product, Total Body Care, was the first water-soluble CBD product on the market. It's 5x - 10x more effective than oil-based products, so you can start feeling better — faster.

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BioCBD+ products are formulated with clean, simple ingredients.

By combining 100% organic full-spectrum hemp oil and Ayurvedic herbs, we craft water-soluble CBD formulations that are effective at much lower doses than traditional CBD products.

Basically, we make CBD products that actually work.

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Our proprietary Topical CBD Oil is formulated to soothe, relax, and relieve aching, overworked muscles and joints.

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Fortified with Ayurvedic Herbs for maximum absorption — naturally

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Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, water-soluble CBD + Ayurvedic herbal supplements available, so you can get the relief you need from a company you trust.

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Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Now that hemp-derived CBD has been federally legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill, more and more products are entering the market.  While this gives consumers options, it can also create a conundrum.  How do you choose the CBD hemp extract solutions that best suit your needs?  How can you tell the difference between one product and another?

For example, you may find yourself wondering whether CBD oil or water soluble CBD solutions are better suited to your particular needs and preferences.  At BioCBD+, we’re dedicated to providing products that offer the greatest potential benefits, which is why we focus on water soluble CBD.  This highly bioavailable CBD offers incredible benefits for consumers.

It’s easy to use, offers faster and more efficient uptake, increases the bioavailability of the compounds you rely on for relief, and provides a cost-effective alternative to purely oil CBD products, among other benefits.  How does it work?

You may already know that our bodies are about 60% water and about 90% of the plasma in our bloodstream is water.  This is important, because when we consume CBD, through ingestion or inhalation, it enters our blood stream, where it is absorbed and distributed throughout the body to stimulate desired effects.

If you understand that much of your body and your blood is composed of water, then it’s easy to see how water soluble CBD is more effective than oil CBD products, simply because it dissolves better and faster, increasing uptake and bioavailability.  When you buy water soluble CBD online from BioCBD+, you’ll enjoy both enhanced potency and speedy relief, as opposed to oil CBD products.

Greater Bioavailability

Consider for a moment the concept of mixing oil and water.  It’s common to say that two opposites are “like oil and water”, and you’ll understand why when you try to mix these two liquids together.  Instead of combining to form a new substance, oil and water separate again and again, refusing to combine.

So, when you add CBD oil tinctures to your smoothies or place drops under your tongue, what you’re introducing into your body is a high-viscosity oil product that isn’t suited to mixing with your blood or the tissues in your body, which are largely water-based.  This isn’t to say that CBD oil delivers no benefits, it’s just that these benefits are relatively minimal, compared to water soluble CBD vapes, consumable products, and so on. 

So, how does it actually work?  What is bioavailable CBD?  This innovation is possible thanks to nanotechnology, which allows for CBD oil to be broken down to its smallest elements – molecules and atoms.  With assistance from sound wave technology, CBD oil can be reduced to miniscule particles of 10-100 nm, allowing them to become water soluble.  In other words, these particles can dissipate in water, unlike larger oil droplets.

This, in turn makes the CBD more compatible with the tissues in the human body at a cellular level, since we’re already capable of absorbing water.  Through nanoemulsion, or the blending of CBD oil with water via nanotechnology, our bodies are able to absorb more of the CBD ingested, increasing the inherent benefits of consumption.

The long and short of it is, you’ll gain added potency while using less product, and more importantly, your body will absorb a lot more of what you’re consuming, as opposed to strictly oil-based products that result in significant waste.  If you rely on CBD hemp extract for relief, you’ll gain a lot more benefits from bioavailable CBD products that use water soluble technology.

Faster, More Efficient Uptake

“You are what you eat” is a popular adage intended to convey the importance of consuming a balanced diet that delivers needed nutrients to your body.  What’s interesting is the different ways in which our body absorbs nutrients.

For example, about 25% of the population suffers from anemia, or a deficiency of red blood cells that results in fatigue.  Often, this condition is easily managed by simply increasing iron in your diet or taking iron supplements, stimulating hemoglobin production and increasing red blood cells.

However, studies have shown that the addition of vitamin C helps to increase the uptake of iron by mixing with it to create a form that is more easily absorbed by the body.  The same basic principle applies to the consumption of CBD.

When you ingest a CBD oil product, such as a tincture, your body may only absorb about 10%, severely limiting the benefits you’ll enjoy.  However, when you choose water soluble CBD vapes or consumables, your body is able to process the CBD faster and more effectively.  In fact, it is estimated that our bodies can absorb up to 90% of the CBD we consume in a water soluble format.

This could mean that you need significantly less product to get the same results as your oil products, or alternately, that you experience much greater potency from consuming the same volume of product.  Either way, you’ll enjoy faster, more effective outcomes when you buy water soluble CBD online from BioCBD+.

Ease of Use

Products that work faster and deliver enhanced potency are enough to convert you to water soluble CBD, but there are even more benefits to enjoy when you choose these bioavailable products.  For one thing, they’re extremely versatile.

While you can certainly add CBD hemp extract in oil form to certain foods and beverages, from juices and smoothies to oil-based dressings, they may not mix well and they can add flavoring to your food that you don’t necessarily want.  With water-soluble products, you’ll find that mixing is a cinch.

You can add CBD to everything from your morning cuppa Joe, to the milk in your cereal, to a bowl of soup, for example.  Or you can simply stir it into a glass of water and gulp it down – after all, it’s water soluble, so it dissolves completely.  BioCBD+ offers capsules that are pre-portioned and easy to take, removing the guesswork of dosing and ensuring a discreet and easy-to-use product for your convenience. 

Taking CBD oil on the go isn’t always easy.  Many consumers want products that are discreet and convenient, and CBD tinctures can be a hassle.  With BioCBD+ water soluble products, you won’t have these problems, and you’ll gain the added benefits of increased potency and speed so you always have access to the relief you need, wherever you go, any time of day or night.

Safe, Health-Conscious Products

If you’re interested in natural alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments, chances are you’re looking for products that aren’t going to do more harm than good.  At BioCBD+, we understand that your health is important to you, and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations with natural products that deliver the fast and potent relief you crave without any potential negative side effects.

BioCBD+ products are not only water soluble, delivering enhanced bioavailability, but they’re also composed of all-natural, organic ingredients that are suitable for vegan consumers.  Our products contain no glycerin or toxins, and they’re non-GMO for your health and safety.

When you buy water soluble CBD online from BioCBD+, you’ll also be happy to learn that all of our products are triple tested to ensure quality, purity, safety, and potency.  Further, we post our certificates of analysis online to deliver the full transparency you deserve. 

The health and safety of our customers is our highest concern, and we want you to be confident that you’re getting the high-quality products you expect, and that we’re delivering on the promise of effective, natural CBD.  With third-party testing and full transparency, we not only offer superior CBD products, but also peace of mind.


We live in a country where healthcare costs are sky-high.  Even if you’re lucky enough to have great insurance coverage, you likely still have to pay for premiums, copays, deductibles, and often, co-payments until you reach your annual threshold.  For individuals or families dealing with chronic conditions, the expense can quickly get out of hand.

Even worse, the medications you’re prescribed may not deliver the relief you need, or they might inflict a host of undesirable side effects, making the cure worse than the disease, so to speak.  In such cases, consumers can become desperate to find affordable and effective alternative treatments to supplement other prescribed therapies. 

This is where products like water soluble CBD vapes and consumables enter the picture.  With BioCBD+, you can get products that deliver a lot more bang for your buck.  Sure, you can continue spending money on CBD oil products, but your body may only absorb about 10% of what you consume, creating a situation in which you’re leaving a lot of value on the table.

If you want to avoid waste and enjoy greater potency while using less product, water soluble CBD products are the ideal solution, delivering as much as 90% absorption.  This means you can take a lot less and gain much greater benefits.  In other words, it’s a significantly more cost-effective option than traditional CBD oil products like tinctures, edibles, and so on.  With BioCBD+, you’ll get the relief you need at a price you can afford.

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