What Happy Customers Are Saying

I am a 30 year old nurse and have been having back pain for over a year now after a sports injury. I have tried many cbd products and biocbd is by far the most effective. I have been able to put off having surgery and have made my way back to the gym. I have also stopped anxiety medication that I’ve had to take for over five years. Thank you for making this amazing product.

Brittani (verified customer)

BioCBD+ Total Body Care Capsules are the most effective CBD product I’ve ever used. Overall, my recovery has seen significant improvements. The anti-inflammatory effects are notable, and I’ve seen the quality of my sleep improve as well. The calming effect of even 1 capsule is noticeable to me. Very grateful to Ben Greenfield for the recommendation on his podcast/website!.

Ben (verified customer)

I have had chronic back pain for about 5-6 years. About 2 years ago my wife gave my BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules and told me to take it every day. I usually only take 1 a day and it wasn’t until I ran out -and started noticing again what I wasn’t feeling before- that I realized how much it helped my back, my mental clarity and focus, and my overall wellness and energy levels. I took 2 caps the other day for the first time and layered on the BioCBD+ Muscle and Joint Pain topical oil and noticed a dramatic improvement in my back pain, flexibility, and my overall ability to function and exercise. There is nothing else that helps so much and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you guys for helping people like me and others who have it much worse. Thank you for your excellent dedication to health and happiness.

FX (verified customer)

I have been taking the BioCBD+™ Total Body Care CBD capsules now for about 2 weeks and have now cut back on my prescription drugs, I’m feeling less stress during a very stressful time at work and am sleeping through the night. I also love the BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief oil. It relieves my knee pain almost instantly. I encourage everyone to try it for themself to see the immediate affects. I have shared it with many family & friends, they too have felt the affects & are now buying BioCBD+ products too.

Sue (verified customer)

BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief – CBD Topical Oil has been a game changer for me! I live a very active lifestyle, work out every day and play league sports on the weekend, and since making the move to the CBD topical oil instead of the relief spray and gels you get at pharmacies, I’ve noticed such a big difference! You can apply it before the activity for an extra push, or you can massage it after the activity or before sleeping and wake up fresh with no soreness! It’s made a big difference, definitely encourage people to try it!

Harris (verified customer)

A few months ago, I purchased your BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief – CBD Topical oil to use when I was having joint pain. At first, I thought it wasn’t working and I was in the process of getting a refund. But after continuously using it, I started to notice improvement so I ended up keeping it after all! I also gave my grandma a bottle and she loves it! Thank you for a great product and also great customer service!

Alina (verified customer)