Our Story

In 2010, our CEO, James Sol Radina, met a boy named Lance while volunteering for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation in San Diego. James didn’t know it at the time, but Lance was going to change the course of his life forever. At the time, Lance was 7 years old. And he’d been battling Crohn’s Disease for nearly his entire life. James and Lance quickly hit it off, and James became a big brother to Lance.

For years, James tried different “health hacks” with Lance to try to fight his Crohn’s Disease… but nothing helped. In fact, things only got worse… and they hit an all-time low when Lance was diagnosed as terminal. Then in 2015, James was asked to become Executive Producer for a film titled “The Truth About Cannabis.”

The goal of the film was to focus on the powerful properties of CBD, and James knew he had to get Lance involved. The film documents Lance’s journey, and it is set to release at the end of 2020. Without giving it all away, here’s what we’ll say.

After adding CBD to his treatment regimen, Lance was able to start attending school and playing sports regularly again, achieve a 4.0 GPA during his Senior year of high school, and receive acceptance letters from multiple colleges.

All this from someone whose diagnosis was terminal less than 10 years ago!

CBD completely changed Lance’s life.

And after seeing the power of CBD first-hand, James made it part of his mission to help others get off harmful pharmaceutical drugs in exchange for all-natural CBD.

Our Team

BioCBD+ is a women-led team of committed experts who believe in the life-changing possibilities of CBD.

Our goal is — and has always been — to create high-quality products that actually work, and to back those products with a team that actually cares.

James Radina

Founder & CEO

James is one of the early pioneers of the hemp CBD movement and one of the few heart led leaders. You will find him deep in nature or deep in the ocean, either in Kauai where he lives or around the world during his travels following a surrender experiment.

Alix Tingle


Alix is inspired by her passion for using business as a force for good and committed to empowering cultures of greatness in the workplace. Her heart is home in the mountains. She revels in soulful conversations. And she weirdly enjoys airports.

Erika Sinlao


Erika is a happiness magnet and badass bookkeeper. She has a passion for coaching women into becoming world-class bookkeepers. And she also enjoys quiet time with her family and her fur babies.

Minerva Dayo

Customer Happiness

Minerva tracks life in a simple, yet meaningful and graceful way. She is passionate about self-growth and transformational parenting. She loves building a safe, nurturing haven for her family.

Allison Norman

Wholesale Manager

Allison is a former actress turned Reiki Master. Mother to a son, a crow and a beehive. She lives by the belief that Nature, Magick, the Cosmos, and high frequency energy are the keys to a joyous existence.

Myer Garcia

Customer Happiness

Myer is an idea generator, who strongly believes in putting people first in business and providing remarkable customer care. She’s a mom of three who enjoys classical music, loves cooking for her family, and is a Charlotte-Mason-inspired homeschooling mommy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, water-soluble CBD + Ayurvedic herbal supplements possible.

Because the truth is…

Many CBD products don’t work.

And they’re produced by companies who don’t care.

That’s a large part of the reason BioCBD+ was founded.

As a for-benefit company, we want to do our part to provide high-quality CBD (that actually works!) to those who need it most.

That’s why we run scholarship and donation programs for our products. And it’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to get our CBD into the hands of people who could benefit from it.

We measure success by our positive impact, not our profit margin.

And we’re committed to using our products to improve lives.

So if you have questions — please reach out. We’re honored to help.

Our Culture

At BioCBD+ our culture is defined by 5 key values.


We are authentic, radically transparent and lead with integrity. Always.


We recognize that our health and happiness is the most important thing we’ve got. We do the inner and outer work so we can show up solid for ourselves, our customers and this company.


We lead with our hearts to improve the lives of our workers, customers, community and planet. Everything we do is in right relationship with ALL life.


We don’t cut corners—ever. We care deeply about the people we serve. We provide the highest quality and most scientifically advanced products on the market. We provide remarkable care for our customers, prioritize quality-time with our people and ensure values-alignment in our partnerships.


We live for customers finding freedom from their pain and ailments. We promote freedom in the workplace by creating an autonomous work environment, ensure everyone has a voice and that all feelings and opinions are valued.

The Science

Our water-soluble CBD capsules & topical CBD oil were invented by Dr. Mewa Singh and his 9-person team.

Dr. Singh has spent almost 30 years successfully developing and launching products for diagnostics, vaccines, nutraceuticals, and nanomedicines.

He’s worked to develop over 145 different nanomedicines. And his patented “curcumin infusion” technology was licensed to BioCBD+ back in 2015.

This process uses curcumin to make CBD 5 – 10x more bioavailable than traditional oil-based products, so you can use less to get the same results.

Our I am Peace Vaporizer Blend was created exclusively for BioCBD+ by Dr. Nick Berry, the Traveling Pharmacist.

Dr. Nick received his formal education at the College of the Canyons and his AS in Mathematics in ‘06. He received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific in ‘09.


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