CBD For Athletes: How To Use CBD To Reduce Recovery Time

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While regular exercise is necessary to contribute to good health and a balanced lifestyle, athletes extend their performance and are regularly testing their performance limits. BioCBD+ provides water soluble CBD, isolated from hemp, to provide foundational health through supplementation. In this blog post, we discuss how our products can reduce recovery time and alleviate some of the general effects of intense exercise experienced by athletes.

Muscle Tissue Repair

After undergoing strenuous activity, the muscle tissue withstands many microscopic tears, or microfissures. These tears are not technically injuries. In fact, they are a necessary part of building strength and muscle efficiency. These microfissures are repaired by increased blood flow to the area by way of an inflammatory response. This is the muscle soreness experienced after exercise, and especially by athletes who perform and push their limits regularly. Often, two to three days of rest are recommended for non-athletes to allow for the repair of the muscle tissue. This is called the recovery period. For serious athletes and devoted gym-goers, this amount of recovery time is not always feasible, and can throw off a dedicated training regimen. 

Ignoring recovery time and persisting through strenuous workouts day after day can negatively impact training progress and leave athletes feeling drained and more susceptible to injury. Additionally, continuous stress without recovery activates the release of the stress hormone cortisol which can interfere with sleep cycles and contribute to fat storage. Cortisol plays a large role in overtraining syndrome. So how do athletes get over these hurdles? Is there a safe way to shorten recovery time? 

CBD Can Expedite Muscle Repair 

CBD acts as a vasodilator to relax and widen the blood vessels. This, in turn, allows for more nutrient rich blood to flow to areas where repair is necessary. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are delivered to the areas of strain and microfissures may be mended more rapidly. Additionally, CBD inhibits the release of cortisol and provides a feeling of total body relaxation which ensures a healthy appetite and an ability to get quality sleep–all crucial parts of muscle repair and athletic recovery. Supplementing a healthy lifestyle and an intense training regimen with CBD extract has the potential to reduce recovery time to varying degrees so athletes can train more without sacrificing their health or progress. 

Necessary recovery times vary from individual to individual and are influenced by a complex array of factors. While some athletes may be able to recover overnight (within 16-20 hours), others may still require a minimum of 24 hours between training days. CBD’s natural properties also support active recovery, which is the act of recovering while still engaging in a less strenuous, lower-impact form of exercise such as yoga or walking on an incline. 

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