How CBD Can Help Benefit Your Work-From-Home Routine

By May 26, 2020 Health & Wellness

Due to the recent surge in Coronavirus cases, many Americans are being mandated to protect themselves by sheltering at home. Many businesses have responded to the shelter in place mandate by allowing their employees to work from home. While some individuals thrive under the autonomy of being able to work from home, others may find it difficult to structure their day and maintain optimal levels of productivity. In addition to morning exercise, designated mental warm-up time, and frequent breaks, supplementing your day with full-spectrum hemp CBD may also help you ease into the work-from-home transition. BioCBD+ specializes in high quality full-spectrum hemp CBD designed to improve your mental well-being and support your body’s total wellness. Read on to discover how CBD can help you tackle your at-home workload!


Warming Up in the Morning


It’s ok to hit the snooze button a couple times, but ideally you should rise and shine with enough time to fully prepare for your day. The time you would originally spend getting ready and commuting to your job can be repurposed for some morning stretches and a designated 25 minute mental warm up. Do some light reading, browse online, or listen to some up-tempo music to get activated. Where does CBD come into play? There are several ways to implement CBD into your morning. The antioxidant effects of CBD can reduce inflammation, working wonders for dark under-eye circles (because let’s face it, you may be staying up a little later knowing you can sleep in most mornings!). Additionally, applying a dose of topical BioCBD+ CBD to your neck and shoulders can provide a necessary pain relief after hours of interacting through your screens in zoom and other remote meetings.


Dietary Support 


Another benefit of hemp-derived full-spectrum hemp CBD is its ability to nourish the body and remove cellular toxins. Acting like any antioxidant rich food, CBD can improve your health by strengthening the body’s natural processes. Additionally, CBD has been shown to improve digestion and relieve discomfort associated with digestive disorders like IBS. Taking a dose with your lunch, or directly afterwards, may prevent the dragging feeling or sleepiness following a meal, allowing you to stay sharp and productive into the end of your workday.


Winding Down in the Evening


Full-spectrum hemp CBD  is a known relaxant, and at the end of a long day of meetings and remotely accessed paperwork, you may find yourself seriously in need of some chill-out time. Before heading to bed at night, take half an hour of “quiet time” where you refrain from using your phone or watching TV. Try reading a book in bed or doing light stretches while listening to relaxing soundscapes. During your typical nightly routine, you can opt to take another dose of CBD in order to prepare for a restful and regenerative sleep. You may find that you awaken the next morning more refreshed, energized, and with a lifted mood (before you even take a sip of your morning coffee!). 


BioCBD+ stands by the therapeutic properties of our high-quality, full-spectrum hemp CBD for total body wellness. The benefits of CBD aren’t limited to physical health, but rather serve to strengthen the mind-body connection. Visit our website to browse our line of CBD products and enjoy the benefits of an improved, healthy work-life balance. For more articles like this one, check out our blog!





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