We believe that the heart and soul of a product is a direct result of the team behind it.
At BioCBD Plus™, we are passionate and dedicated to fulfilling our mission of providing the world with an all natural and 100% bioavailable source of CBD* plus Ayurvedic herb products, free of any solvents or contaminants.

BioCBD Plus Team

We are a small team of committed experts, passionate about the life-changing possibilities of CBD.  We started this company in the small beach town of Encinitas, CA, and now ship all of our products out of a cGMP 55,000 foot nutraceutical building in Carson City, NV.  We strive to be different from bigger CBD companies; who are often owned by corporations that are publicly traded and motivated only by their profit margins.

Our entire team has many years of experience working in the all-natural supplement industry, and we have never seen anything with as many amazing benefits as cannabidiol (CBD).   Couple it with curcumin from turmeric, the most widely studied phytonutrient on the planet due to its many medicinal properties, and you have a powerhouse combination that is unrivaled in the industry and in medicine in general.

Every member of our team has worked for other CBD companies and tried different products containing CBD.  Like many of you, we have come across products that don’t work and companies that don’t care.  Partly due to this, we came together to build a better, integrity centered company that is more focused on changing the lives of people around the world more than just making money.  We measure success by our positive impact, not by the size of our profit margin.

James Sol Radina, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer

“I’m only interested in the medicinal benefits of this plant,” says James Sol Radina.  In early 2014 James Sol Radina and a team of filmmakers raised $200,000 to travel around the world and interview the top doctors, scientists and researchers about a fairly new molecule hitting the market called CBD.  After seeing the results first hand of what CBD was doing across the 12 patients that were filmed (alongside the 35+ experts), James was “ALL IN!”

In 2015 he started BioCBD+ as the world’s first water-soluble, 100% BioAvailable CBD company.   As Chief Visionary Officer, James is the driving force behind the company’s socially responsible model of donating CBD products to those who cannot afford them, the Veterans Discount Program and he is the inspirational force behind the company’s beliefs and marketing strategy.

James has held significant volunteer positions with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation in San Diego.   James believes in leading by example and is the driving force behind BioCBD Plus’s socially responsible and sustainable business model that is truly game-changing.  Prior to BioCBD+, James has launched over 10 different companies and has a background in mobile apps, internet marketing, real estate and hospitality.

Our Customer Happiness Department:  Minerva & Myer

Our 5-Star Customer Happiness Department is run by a dedicated team who’s sole job is to make our customers HAPPY and returning over and over again.  If you reach out to us on our Contact Form, call our 800 number, or see us live on the support chat, you will most likely be speaking to Minerva and Myer.  Every once in a while, James Sol Radina, the CEO will jump in and support, so don’t be surprised.  Minerva and Myer are both mothers and know the power of CBD first hand.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please just ask!

Science Team:

Water-Soluble CBD Capsules & Topical CBD Oil:  Our formulations are backed by over 30 years of science & research.  There have been up to 9 team members on our science team working on our Proprietary & Exclusive, Water-Soluble CBD technology for our Total Body Care Capsules along with creating the perfect blend for our Muscle & Joint Topical CBD formulations.  These two products are the novel invention of Dr. Singh and his 9 person team.  His patented technology was licensed to BioCBD+ back in 2015 and we became the world’s very first water-soluble CBD company.  This technology utilizes Curcumin to enhance the bioavailability of CBD (and in his other work, over 100 different ingredients).  With patents pending, Dr. Singh and his team have their eyes set on disrupting the pharmaceutical industry.  He taught us the most important thing pharmaceutical companies should be working on, is the bioavailability of their drugs, in order to make them more safe, more affordable and more effective.  We started BioCBD+ on these principles… safety, efficacy and affordability (when you need less to feel the effect of our BioCBD+ products, it’s less expensive than other products whereas you may need 5-10 times more CBD to reach the same effects!). Dr. Singh has spent almost 30 years successfully developing and launching products for diagnostics, vaccines, nutraceuticals and nanomedicines. He has previously served as Director of Research & Development, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief of Operations and Chief Executive Officer for companies such as Chembio Diagnostics, Medical Services International, J N International and Meda Biotech, LLC. Dr. Singh holds a Master’s of Science in Biochemistry, a Master’s of Philosophy in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. Dr. Singh has worked to develop over 145 different nanomedicines for use as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals.

CBD Vaporizer:  Our I Am PEACE Vaporizer Blend was created Exclusively for BioCBD+ by Dr. Nick Berry, the Traveling Pharmacist. Dr. Nick received his formal education at the College of the Canyons and received his AS in Mathematics in ‘06 and received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific in ‘09. Turning down numerous pharmaceutical jobs upon graduation, a one-year self-exploration was invested. This time turned out to be the greatest gift of education one can bless themselves with.  An interest in applied pharmacology was originally established through pharmacist Levi Locke’s mentorship at age 16. Inspiration came from the ability of medicine to ameliorate disease and cause pronounced physiological changes in the body with one dynamic molecule at a time. Dr. Nick’s journey for personal development began at age 17 when the onset of mononucleosis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) led to an acute phase of illness which traditional western medicine failed to alleviate. After nine months and exploring multiple “alternative health” modalities, a level of homeostasis was finally achieved, albeit a lower baseline for several years to come. We are deeply grateful to have Dr. Nick’s friendship and formulation skills for our vape products!

Our Commitment To You

We truly believe that our products and services are the best in the industry.  We come to work every day with the expectation of changing people’s lives in the most positive way possible.  Our team of experts has dedicated themselves to this cause.  We tirelessly read every research article and peer-reviewed study, while keeping up with all the amazing news surrounding CBD.

Have a question or concern about the products on our site?  Great!  We have answers and want to educate you. One of our highly-educated team members will address your question or concern, and because of our expertise, you can rest assured you’re not only getting the best quality CBD+ Ayurvedic herb products, but also the best service and information available.

Our Advisory Board

Want to join our team?  What happens when you start a movement with the most scientifically advanced form of the most popular molecule in scientific research and health?  People love it, they find healing and they come back for more!  See why some of the biggest names in business and science are joining BioCBD Plus™ to bring the world all-natural, water-soluble, 100% bioavailable CBD plus Ayurvedic herbs.  Do you have an expertise that could support our movement?  Join Us by contacting us today!