We believe that the heart and soul of a product is a direct result of the team behind it.
At BioCBD Plus™, we are passionate and dedicated to fulfilling our mission of providing the world with an all natural and 100% bioavailable source of CBD* plus Ayurvedic herb products, free of any solvents or contaminants.

BioCBD Plus Team

We are a small team of committed experts, passionate about the life-changing possibilities of CBD.  Located in the small beach town of Encinitas, CA, we strive to be different from bigger CBD companies, who are often owned by corporations that are publicly traded and motivated by their profit margins.

Our entire team has many years of experience working in the all natural supplement industry, and we have never seen anything with as many amazing benefits as cannabidiol (CBD).   Couple it with turmeric, the most widely studied phytonutrient on the planet due to its many medicinal properties, and you have a powerhouse combination that is unrivaled in the industry and in medicine in general.

Every member of our team has worked for other CBD companies and tried different products containing CBD.  Like many of you, we have come across products that don’t work and companies that don’t care.  Partly due to this, we came together to build a better, integrity centered company that is more focused on changing the lives of people around the world more than just making money.  We measure success by our positive impact, not by the size of our profit margin.

James Sol Radina, CEO & Chief Visionary Officer

James Sol Radina is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BioCBD Plus. As Chief Visionary Officer, James is the driving force behind the company’s socially responsible model of donating CBD products to those who cannot afford them, and he is the inspirational force behind the company’s beliefs and marketing strategy.  James has also been working for the last 3.5 years on a film project to help educate the industry about the medicinal benefits of CBD. This 8 part docu-series will launch in late 2017.  James has held significant volunteer positions with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation in San Diego.   James believes in leading by example and is the driving force behind BioCBD Plus’s socially responsible and sustainable business model that is truly game changing.

George Atwell, Chief Operating Officer

George Atwell has a degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and has always been consumed with a desire to improve the quality of life of others. Before coming to BioCBD Plus™, George helped launched the CBD industry for one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world, and helped them launch multiple brands to suit the needs of all their customers.  Improving the quality of life for all people is something George is very passionate about. So much so, he had spent 6 years working on and pursuing the advancement of mixed-use walkable, transit-oriented urban development to combat many social ills, including but not limited to obesity. George has extensive research experience and has studied over 200 published studies on the beneficial & therapeutic effects of cannabis, smarter designed neighborhoods and more. George has a relentless passion for serving others and improving the “human experience.”  While studying at his university, George spent time tutoring children, raising money for medical research and helping to organize a fundraising event for St. Jude’s Hospital.  He has also spent time volunteering for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and West Florida Regional Medical Center’s emergency room and infectious wound care clinic. 

Ali Muirragui, Customer Support Manager

Ali is our international MBA with expertise in relationship-based sales, creative business development, and business optimization. She is a caring and tender soul with excellent communication skills across all age groups and backgrounds. While talented in proactively resolving problems and exceeding financial goals, her passion for health and helping others is paramount. Ali is a highly motivated team member with proven results and you can always count on her to lend you a hand or a compassionate ear. Please read what working with BioCBD + means to her. 

Love what you do and it will love you back- a basic Universal Law.

A life of Service. What if all humans adopted this notion of caring for thy neighbor? Kindness toward humans and animals is what I believe life is really all about. Those small moments- when we feel united- are the most powerful for me.

A life of Gratitude. . . for family, for nature’s healing gifts, and for LOVE. We can do a lot of good for a lot of people when we are grateful, when we persevere, and when we continue to envision a better tomorrow. Our mission of ‘Massive Impact’ motivates my daily thoughts, words, and actions.

A life of Energy Cultivation. I believe BioCBD Plus increases Life Force. This nutrient feeds the healing powers of the body and does not discriminate- seeking to heal all imbalances in the body at once. The endocannabinoid system works towards providing an environment of homeostasis in every part of the whole person- from the physiological to the psychological and neurological, to the sociological. Extraordinary! And this energy, when properly cultivated, works wellness miracles across the board. Again, extraordinary! 🙂

For 2017 I would love it if the DEA would remove their absurd CBD schedule 1 classification and allow us to continue helping those in need.

Our Commitment To You

We truly believe that our products and services are the best in the industry.  We come to work everyday with the expectation of changing people’s lives in the most positive way possible.  Our team of experts have dedicated themselves to this cause.  We tirelessly read every research article and peer-reviewed study, while keeping up with all the amazing news surrounding CBD.

Have a question or concern about the products on our site?  Great!  We have answers and want to educate you. One of our highly-educated team members will address your question or concern, and because of our expertise, you can rest assured you’re not only getting the best quality CBD+ Ayurvedic herb products, but also the best service and information available.

Our Advisory Board

What happens when you start a movement with the most scientifically advanced form of the most popular molecule in scientific research and health?  People want to be a part of it!  See why the biggest names in business and science are joining BioCBD Plus™ to bring you all natural, water soluble CBD plus Ayurvedic herbs.  If the biggest and most trusted names in both business and science trust BioCBD Plus™, then shouldn’t you?