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BioCBD Plus Scholarship: CBD Oil Products For Those In Need

By February 25, 2016News, Product News

… To those in need. And this is done with a HUGE special thanks to all those that have purchased our products in the past. Please watch this short video from our founder, James Sol Radina, as he talks about our giveback program here at Bio CBD Plus.

This company was started with one overarching mission in mind: Positively IMPACT as many lives on the planet as we possibly can!

Water Soluble CBD Oil Scholarship

One of the many ways we do this, is through our BioCBD Plus Scholarship Program, where we give our water soluble CBD (derived from Organic European Hemp CBD Oil) Products to those that are in need of financial assistance. Just like the popular one-for-one program that Tom’s Shoes operates under, similarly, for every purchase of our products we give away a scholarship. It’s a one-for-one give back program.

We believe this is a win win win. The first win is for the purchaser of our products when paying in full, as the customer wins by not only receiving the most effective CBD  oil products on the market, but they also supply a scholarship to someone that cannot afford full price for our products. The next win happens for us as a company, because two people are impacted from this one purchase when we give away a scholarship for every water soluble CBD purchase. And finally, a family in need is given an opportunity to access our products when they otherwise might not have been able to. We call this a win win win situation! 3 wins!

And this is just the start. We are less than a year in business and we have massive plans for how we impact this planet. Mother Nature, God, the Universe, Spirit… gave us this amazing plant to do a lot of healing and we want to give it all back. Everything we do is reinvested so that we can impact more lives. It’s the foundation of how we built this company and it’s ingrained in everything we do.

We hope that you see that and every interaction. Such as… our products are more effective than oil-based products, they’re less expensive, and they’re more safe. We hope you experience this with our customer support and five star service. And if you haven’t tried our products yet, we know you will experience it just like the thousands that have already, as they give us raving reviews each and every day!

Much love and many blessings!

Enjoy this video:

We all know CBD oil products are expensive when compared to other supplements. That is because Cannabidiol (CBD) is an expensive ingredient. The better the quality ingredient, the higher the price. This general rule also applies to CBD oil, and the best CBD oil comes from organically grown hemp.

Water soluble BioCBD is made from CBD oil is a whole plant extract that comes from organic European hemp. Our belief is that CBD works better in the presence of all the other synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. But we didn’t stop there. All BioCBD Plus formulations incorporate Ayurveda and the use of herbs into our hemp-derived CBD products.





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