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Sleep Better: The Best Five Natural Sleep Aids

By April 26, 2017Uncategorized

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Sleep Better: The Best Five Natural Sleep Aids

Finding natural ways to sleep better is the best medicine, which can solve many day-to-day problems. A goodnight’s sleep is a blessing and whoever gets that so desired goodnight’s sleep naturally, is especially blessed. But our life these days is full of stress and thus has great impact on our health, and causes us to not sleep better. While we are asleep, our body repairs on a cellular level and remove toxins from the body. It is therefore extremely necessary to get at least six to eight hours of sleep daily. Inadequate sleep can affect the body’s regular functions and can cause heart-related issues, memory loss, mental health issues etc. Although our fast-paced culture does not always give a big deal of value on sleep, it is an important part of a healthy and well-balanced life.If you don’t have adequate sleep, it can affect your overall body metabolism on the long run.
“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” ~ William Penn

Do you feel sleep-deprived and looking for professional help? Before you spend thousands of dollars on sleep treatments, try to sleep better using one or more of these five natural sleep aids.  Let’s look at the best five natural ways that will help you sleep better.

  1. Your Diet Can Help You Sleep Better

Think about it! You would not put medicine or supplements into your body without knowing exactly what’s in it. Why should the food we eat be any different? The quality of the food you eat can affect your sleep. Natural food choices & food that has not been heavily processed are usually the best options and possibly a cheap and healthy option when looking for ways to sleep better. The quantity of your meal at night also can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep. If your stomach is too full or totally starving by the time you hit bed, it’s most likely going to be difficult to get proper sleep. You need to work on your diet plan like changing the meal time, quantity etc. if you find yourself having portion or meal-time related sleep issues. Follow these essential tips:

  •        Try to finish your dinner at least 3 hours before you hit bed

It takes more than 3 hours for your body to digest the food at night and hence it is recommended to eat your dinner at least 3 hours before you finally head to sleep. This improves the body’s metabolism and may you an undisturbed slumber.

  •        Sip a chamomile tea before you sleep

Chamomile has the soothing properties that help you recover from sleeplessness. It contains a substance called Apigenin which binds to GABA receptors. These GABA receptors are known to affect the central nervous system and sleepiness. Thus, sipping a chamomile tea at bedtime helps to doze off easily and sleep better.

  •        A glass of warm milk with turmeric

A glass of warm milk at bedtime is good remedy for insomnia as it has amino acid tryptophan which can increase serotonin levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter chemical is known to provide relaxation, calm mood, and sleepiness.

Milk contains tryptophan, but due to the presence of competing amino acids in the milk its bioavailability to the brain is usually low. And turmeric can change that.

Turmeric has the properties to elevate insulin levels in the blood, which, in turn, increases the intake of competing amino acids into body tissues. And thus leaving the tryptophan alone, making it available to the brain for the production of serotonin. Hence, you can understand why turmeric milk is very much beneficial for your beauty sleep.

  •    Grab more melatonin

Melatonin is an essential chemical which helps you to get better sleep. It is naturally available in fruits like cherries, bananas etc. These fruits help you to relax your muscles and calm your mind.  Cherries and bananas both contain tryptophan naturally and thus aids in sleep.

  1. CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

A simple yet natural way to get your beauty sleep is by consuming water-soluble cannabidiol capsules. It is totally safe to consume and has no side-effects as it is made from all-natural ingredients, such as Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda has played a vital role in the field of healthcare from generations. Ayurvedic herbs are well-known to calm your muscles and thus provide a good sleep. Because the nanoparticles are water soluble, they are safer to ingest and are more easily absorbed by the body. Your body has to do less and gets more. It’s simple math. As you may or may not know, we cannot make direct claims about how CBD can help you to sleep better, but the research is out there for you to find. A Google search is a great place to look! 

Once you’re convinced of that CBD is the answer for you, Total Body care capsules are the product for you. These capsules have gained popularity due to the essential benefits they provide for the consumer. That is because these capsules are more than just water soluble CBD.  Total Body Care capsules are made up of the following ingredients:

  •        BioCBD
  •        Curcumin
  •        Magnesium
  •        Brown Rice Starch 
  •        Cellulose

These capsules are derived from originally grown hemp plants and these capsules contains all the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids and other compounds of the original plant. Much like I spoke about an all-natural diet, an all-natural CBD is equally as important. Know what’s in your CBD products!

  1. Yoga & Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep is habitual but if you don’t have it, chances are that you may be aging faster than you should be.  If you can’t seem to sleep enough, yoga can be of great help to you.  But it is important to have a regular routine of yoga. Yoga & meditation can not only be the possible cure for your insomnia, but it has also been researched and shown to be beneficial for a variety of other health and mental issues. Yoga helps to unwind stress at the end of the day and that can help you sleep better at night. You can opt for gentle yoga or stretching instead of vigorous power yoga, which could help to energize you. A simple routine of 5 to 10 minutes of meditation can be enough to help you get a more restful sleep.

Yoga & meditation have become so popular these days that even lots of online video learning have been introduced. You can enroll for a free trial program as well for yoga & meditation.

  1. Say No To Smoking

Yes, smoking can affect your sleep routine. Most of us are still in the myth that smoking helps to reduce stress but it is actually depriving you of your most essential part of life -“your sleep” and, in turn is pushing you towards a stressful life. A recent study shows that smokers are 4 times more likely to not feel as well rested after a complete night’s sleep(6-8 hours) than non-smokers. It leaves the smoker with anxiety and thus creates a temptation to smoke in order to overcome this feeling.

  1. Even The Right Ambiance Can Help You Sleep Better

A proper ambiance does make a difference in your sleep routine. Studies say that a dark room offers a better sleep so keep all light sources off during bedtime. A bedroom should be like a bedroom and not a living room with TV. It is recommended to keep all electronic devices in other spaces than bedroom. Try aromatherapy with essential oils like lavender in your bedroom for a relaxing effect that could help start the process to sleep better. Lavender is especially known for its properties that soothe mind and thus aids in sleep. Studies have shown that researches have discovered the sound of water helps in relaxing the mind and body. If you keep a fountain beside your bed, you can get better and undisturbed sleep. Those, like me, not wanting an actual fountain by their bed can always use smart phone apps that play ambient sounds. These ambient and relaxing tones can include moving water, white noise and even desk fans. 


Sleep is one of the most essential parts of your daily life and should never be compromised for anything. A good night’s sleep can be achieved through many natural ways and few are listed in the article. I hope this article helps you and others you know sleep better!

“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.”  ~William Blake


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