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Water Soluble Hemp CBD Vs. Hemp CBD Oil

By October 3, 2017Product News

What CBD Medium Is “Better,” Water Or Oil & How Do You Know?

The physical human body, you’re forced to “tug” around all day, is made of more than 50% water (H2O). We are naturally born equipped with the need to consume a respectful amount of water throughout the duration of life. If any human being were to be deprived of water for more than a handful of days, that person would cease to exist.

Without this wonderfully mysterious liquid, ALL life as far as we know would perish. As NASA continues to explore the cosmos, the first thing they look for on newly discovered planets is water. They search for the presence of water because wherever they find water, they find life. So far as the theory of life has been observed by hard science, water and life go hand in hand.

What Is “Life” As Defined Via Biology?

Biology is the study of living organisms and how biologists define life is as follows. Life makes decisions. In the simplest explanation, to be alive is to have the conscious ability to make a decision. We know flowers, shrubberies, and Pignut Hickory trees are alive because they “decide” to grow towards light and not shade. We also know that bricks, books and bed sheets are not alive because they do not make any sort of decisions whatsoever.

Why do the rocket scientists at NASA look for water on other planets and not oil? Isn’t oil INSANELY more valuable and useful than water? And the answer is, if you want a life that THRIVES, you will “see” the value in water. Just as nature has valued water by giving us a FULL body made mostly of water. Therefore, water HAS to be more valuable than oil, at least to the human body’s needs.

Who Do You Listen To?

When it comes to decoding the overabundant information, Google Search will yield, you may begin to wonder who you should listen to? Should you be consuming water soluble hemp CBD or does it make more sense to utilize oil soluble hemp CBD? At the end of the day, regardless what the technical science may say, how can oil ever be absorbed by water? As in “EVER?!

In other words, what type of CBD products are going to yield the best results? You’ve been doing a good deal of research, and you’ve been finding a lot of GREAT information. One product tells you this is good and that is bad and vice versa. Thus making the challenge of, WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO, a slight challenge. Before purchasing your CBD product, you need to be comfortable and solve this issue now, before taking step two.

Before you take one step forward in deciding what CBD product will be most useful and powerful, you need to be confident with where you get your information from.

What’s more convincing evidence, reading a technical medical paper about the rates of CBD absorption and “bioavailability.” Or. Physically SEEING with your own eyes the authentic power of water soluble hemp BioCBD™? Personally, I’d rather experience truth than “read” about it.

Watch this video of us testing our water soluble hemp BioCBD™  against a hemp CBD “oil” competitor.

If this is your first time hearing the word bioavailability, we’d like to introduce to you a critical concept in regards to taking ANY sort of supplement or vitamin. This seemingly technical new word, bioavailability, just means HOW much of the “supplement” actually gets used when you attempt to put it in your body?

Just because you swallow a nutritional supplement doesn’t necessarily mean 100% of it gets “sucked” up by your body’s bloodstream. Once the nutrients absorb into the bloodstream, we can officially say the body has “absorbed” the supplement. Thus defining bioavailability as “how” much of the supplement gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Supplements don’t do much for you if they don’t absorb into the bloodstream. The more that they absorb into the bloodstream, the HIGHER the bioavailability. What gets into the bloodstream better, water or oil?

Water Soluble Hemp CBD Vs. Hemp CBD Oil

What is the bioavailability of hemp CBD oil versus the bioavailability of water soluble hemp CBD?

If you were to receive nutrients via an IV (intravenously) the bioavailability would, by definition, be 100% because it goes straight into the bloodstream. Yet, if you were to take a vitamin, rub a tincture on your skin or put drops under your tongue, the question is, how much of it actually gets into your bloodstream? If the supplement doesn’t get into your blood, how can it do any useful work?

And the answer is, it wouldn’t. If you take a nutritional supplement and NOTHING gets absorbed into the bloodstream, you would have a bioavailability of zero. Thus highlighting the most important issue in choosing a CBD that’s appropriate for your desired results.

What Is The Bioavailability Of Water Soluble Hemp BioCBD™ Found In BioCBD+ Products?

Due to our patented technology, we can only tell you as much as we legally can, which is more than we originally thought! Most people like to know specifically what is in their CBD products before putting it in their bodies. Our approach in manufacturing water soluble hemp BioCBD™ is by using a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom. Through this blend, we have discovered a technology that has a high bioavailability and absorbs almost 100% of the BioCBD™ into your body.

As we discussed above, oil does not dissolve in water because oil is a VERY LARGE molecule. Oil is big like a basketball and water is tiny like the grains of sand you’d find at a beach. Now we ask you, what absorbs into your body more easily; a giant [oil] basketball or tiny [water] grains of sand? At this point, the answer is “hopefully” becoming quite clear that water-soluble hemp BioCBD™ products are at least 90% more efficient at absorbing into the bloodstream than the hemp CBD oil alternative.

What specifically makes BioCBD+ have a 90% or higher bioavailability?

We are using an ayurvedic herb (Curcumin) and utilizing this potent solvent that causes the large molecules to dissolve to the tiny size of water. Ancient wisdom tells us the secrets that modern science is attempting to try and understand. We know what works based off of how we feel.

What Is The Bioavailability Of Hemp CBD Oil?

Since the body is mostly made of water, the question becomes, what happens when you try to mix water and oil? Can these two substances ever actually mix together and STAY together without separating?

Think about the recent oil spills dropping large amounts of crude oil into our oceans. What happened to the oil? Did the oil mix together with the water and disappear like mixing Nestle’s chocolate powder mix to create chocolate milk? And the answer is, not so much, in fact not at ALL! What we observed was the oil actually FLOATING on top of the water.

Why did the oil float on top of the water? Why didn’t the oil sink or eventually MIX with the water and go away?

And the answer to these questions is precisely the reason why water soluble hemp BioCBD™ is superior to hemp oil CBD. Oil molecules are WAY bigger than water molecules, therefore making the oil buoyant and float. Since water is tiny and denser, they pack together like sand and seep between the tiny spaces large pebbles in a cup can’t quite reach.

Oil is large and won’t mix with our 60% water bodies! Even as other CBD oil companies attempt to make oil based CBD products, the highest bioavailability they’ll be able to achieve is 10% or less. This is the main reason why our BioCBD+ products have a near 100% bioavailability absorption rate into the bloodstream.

BioCBD+ is water soluble hemp BioCBD™ that is tiny like water and will absorb into our human water bodies. It’s affordable because you need to take less to get the same result. And BioCBD+ is safe because you can take 10mg and know for certain that your body will absorb ALL of those 10mgs of water soluble hemp BioCBD™.

BioCBD™ versus CBD Oil 


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