Trying to figure out if cannabidiol (CBD) is legal?  This can be difficult because there is no easy-to-read resource with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

So we had our experts and legal team bring all this information together in one place so you have convenient access to it 24/7.

Is CBD legal?

The question of whether CBD is legal is one that may be confusing to most, especially since it directly pertains to the legality of cannabis, which has been a widely debated and complicated issue for many years. However, that question is now much easier to answer following the Farm Bill of 2018. On December 12, 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill, which includes new legislation that officially declares hemp and its production federally legal. The bill overturns previous prohibitions of hemp production, as outlined in the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. The legislation also includes specific detail pertaining to products derived from hemp. Under Section 12619, any cannabinoid derived from hemp is also considered legal, as long as its production meets all federal and state regulations as well. Therefore, CBD produced from hemp is considered federally legal, as long as the hemp and the CBD formulation are produced according to the details outlined in the Farm Bill of 2018.

Is CBD from medical marijuana available in all 50 states?

The answer is NO.  CBD derived from medical marijuana is only legal in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.

We have witnessed people sell their homes and move their families across the country to states that have enacted medical marijuana legislation, in places such as California and Colorado, for the sole purpose of being able to legally acquire CBD.

Despite the immense difficulty in picking up your entire family and moving across state lines, this is exactly how far people are willing to go so they can get access to all the benefits of CBD!  But with our products, it’s unnecessary!  BioCBD  Plus™ is available in all 50 states and 45 countries.

Read on to learn why.

Is CBD from industrial hemp available in all 50 states?

ABSOLUTELY!  Cannabidiol oil, or CBD, derived from industrial hemp plants is available for purchase in all fifty states.  The FDA considers hemp oil products to be dietary supplements, and generally safe for consumption by all people.

If you live in the United States, you can purchase and consume our products.  You can transport them across state lines, you can take them through airport checkpoints, and they will not cause a positive drug test of any kind either.

To be compliant with all federal laws, our exclusive variety of hemp plant is grown from U.S. farmers using organically grown practices. This means that they do not make use of harmful herbicides or pesticides.  Our CBD oil is extracted from the finest quality raw hemp available.  The raw hemp oil is then tested in the laboratory using state of the art technology.  Every batch of CBD oil is studied and tracked to ensure the highest quality.  In our lab, this organic CBD rich hemp oil is combined with our proprietary blends of nutraceutical grade Ayurvedic herbs to become all natural, water soluble BioCBD™, through a patented process, Hybrid-Nanoengineering™.

Is CBD from industrial hemp different from CBD from medical marijuana?

NO.  CBD from industrial hemp is exactly the same as CBD from medical marijuana!  You just don’t have to sell your house and move your family to get it.  We have made it much easier!

The reason CBD derived from industrial hemp is available for purchase and CBD from medical marijuana is not, is because CBD oil from industrial hemp has virtually no THC, which is why our products are not intoxicating like marijuana.

We say virtually because the FDA allows hemp oil to have a THC concentration of no higher than 0.3%.

Our products are triple tested, and those tests reveal that our oil and products are far below that threshold, coming in at a 0.001% THC concentration.

Can I buy your products in retails stores?

Finding high quality CBD oils can be difficult due to the explosion of cannabidiol’s popularity over the past couple years, and making a decision on which products to buy can lead to frustration due to lack of quality information.

Right now, it’s impossible to walk into your local big box retailer, pharmacy, or nutritional store and purchase CBD hemp products.  This will soon be changing!  We are currently working with “brick and mortar” retailers, distributors, and third party retailers such as Amazon on ways to bring our life-changing products to your favorite stores.  Stay tuned!

For your convenience, all of our products are available on this site for purchase with quick delivery to your door.

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What International Countries We Ship To?

Updated April 2019 (We have recently stopped shipping to Canada and the U.K.)

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING GUIDELINESWe are authorized to ship to the following countries:

*European Union
(no UK)
Argentina Belgium Belize *Brazil


Colombia Costa Rica Chile China Czech Republic Denmark
France Finland Germany Greece Guatemala Guam
Hungary Hong Kong India Ireland Iceland Italy
*Mexico The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
Romania Russian Federation Sweden Switzerland South Africa
Uruguay Paraguay Spain (new)


US State Department Banned Country List

We Do Not Ship to the following countries

Canada Balkans Belarus Burma Cambodia Lebanon
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Cuba Dem. Republic of Congo Egypt Indonesia Iran
Iraq Israel Japan (in process) Lebanon Libya Luxembourg
Malaysia Nepal North Korea Philippines
Saudi Arabia Singapore
Somalia Sudan Syria Thailand Vietnam
Yemen Zimbabwe United Kingdom Hong Kong

We do not ship to US military APOs.