Good health doesn’t have to be boring. While you’re taking care of your body, mind, and spirit, you also need to make fun part of the equation. That’s why we created Organic Fruit Slices–healthy, sweet CBD gummies you can enjoy any time, anywhere.

Each delicious hemp CBD gummy is infused with 10mg of broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD for a pick-me-up when you need it most. Even better, these hemp oil gummies are vegan, with natural ingredients and clean, third party lab-tested CBD oil. You can take them along wherever you go for a healthy, sweet reward.

Why You Need CBD Gummies in Your Life

CBD gummies are a healthy, happy break in your otherwise busy day. Holistic health means balance, and balance means finding ways to have fun in the middle of the weekly grind. CBD promotes comfort in our bodies and minds, and it’s a great way to take a pause when the world around you is moving at a rapid pace.

In addition, CBD encourages wellbeing, which supports focus and the ability to complete our daily activities. A healthy pause is essential to increased productivity. And, if you’re adjusting your rest routine, a bit of CBD in the evenings can encourage you to relax your body.

cbd gummies fruit slices

Yummy, mixed-fruit flavors for a healthy, sweet treat.

No Chemical Additives or Artificial Ingredients

We’re committed to creating CBD products that are healthy because we care about your wellbeing. The best quality CBD gummies should be made with natural, simple ingredients you can easily pronounce.

Our Organic Fruit Slices contain non-synthetic, non-isolate CBD oil and vegan, kosher ingredients for a healthy treat everyone can enjoy. They’re lightly sweetened with natural fruit juices and organic cane sugar, too.

Every batch of organic hemp CBD oil we use is triple-tested for purity. Our CBD is verified clean and doesn’t contain solvent residues, heavy metals, or other contaminants.

Available for a Limited Time

Organic Fruit Slices are a seasonal offering and only available for a limited time, so try them before they’re gone! Click here to get yours sent straight to you.