Introducing The Industry Leading BioCBD+™ Veteran Discount Program.

BioCBD+™ would like to thank all of our current and former military service members. We salute you and are on our knees in gratitude for the way you show up in the world. We could not even imagine a day in your shoes.

As a small token of our appreciation, we would like to offer an industry leading 25% discount to all veterans for our award-winning CBD products. We hope this generous discount will help allow our products not only to support your body, but also your wallet.

To qualify, simply fill out the short form below and attach valid proof of service (DD-214 or Military ID); or email to We will respond with a unique coupon code that will allow you to save 25% on ALL of our products… For Life! This is a lifelong give-back program.

Enjoy the safest and most bioavailable source of CBD, BioCBD™, while knowing that we have your back. And your health & optimal well-being mean the world to us! Our health is so important and is often times the biggest factor in determining our quality of life. The statistics surrounding the state of health our veterans are in, is sad. We hope we can do our part to reverse these stats.

We believe that we have an incredible opportunity, and with your help we can truly make a difference in the world.
That’s why when we say, “Feel the Difference,” we are also talking about feeling the difference we can make together in supporting humanity.

If you or someone you know is active in the military or a veteran and in need of CBD, please use this form to contact our team directly.