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Wholesale, Bulk, Private Label & Licensing Questionnaire

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Beyond Wholesale:  Interested In Our Private Label or Bulk CBD Offerings?

** Due to market demand, our Licensing, Private-Label & Bulk offerings are very limited to select established “value aligned” partners only.  Minimums for Private-Label options on our Water-Soluble CBD formulations start at $100,000; and $10,000 for Bulk CBD Oil.

At BioCBD+, we offer a range of top-quality, water-soluble CBD extracts.

Decarb – Total Plant Complex:

BioCBD+ Decarb is a decarboxylated raw material called CBDA, which is converted into CBD. The conversion process produces 15 to 85 percent CBD oil, the percentage of which may vary within this bracket. The Total Plant Complex is rich in Vitamin E, terpenes, fatty acids, plant sterols, and organic matter.

Distilled – Winterized Oil Formula:

BioCBD+ Distilled takes the refining process to the next level. A solvent-free technique is used to distill out organic matter present in BioCBD+ Decarb oil. The resulting extract contains 15 to 85 percent CBD oil, the percentage of which may differ but remains within this limit. The BioCBD+ Distilled is a powerhouse of cannabinoids, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and terpenes.

99% Crystalline:

Crystalline is produced using an ISO-9001 Certified purification process. The product is then winterized to distill out lipids and fats. A rotary evaporator and heptane are used in the winterization process to purge the extract of off plant matter. The extract goes through a secondary rotary evaporation process, after which it is decarboxylated and fed into the final stage of CBD crystal processing.

** Please Note: BioCBD+ does not use any 99% Crystalline in its products.  We only use Full Spectrum Oil. If you are interested in Bulk CBD Isolate that is 99% Crystalline, let us know.**

BioCBD+ Water-soluble Powder:

The BioCBD+ Water-soluble Powder is all you need for getting the benefits of CBD extracts. Made using superior micro-engineering technology, these products are 100 percent water soluble and bio-available. A trademarked fusion of BioCBD+ and Curcumin sets it apart from many other CBD extracts in the product line.

All bulk CBD offerings involve safe, clean, and environment-friendly extraction process. They are derived only from organically grown seeds and undergo rigorous lab-testing to ensure pure quality and consumption-safety.

* All bulk offerings begin with Clean, safe, eco-friendly CO2 Extraction; and are derived from Organically grown seeds.  To ensure purity, and safety, all of our batches receive both internal and third party lab testing.
* Contact us today for bulk offering pricing.