CBD Moon Milk is a feast for the eyes and the senses. It is an ayurvedic bedtime ritual designed to balance hormones, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. 

Drinking a mug of warm milk before bedtime is a comforting routine all over the world. In fact, many people associate this routine with childhood, reinforcing happy memories and feelings of contentment. 

When combined with natural herbs, spices and ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon, this warm and nourishing drink prepares you for a deep, restorative sleep. 

The Roots of Moon Milk: Ayurveda and Ancient Healing

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world. Founded on holistic healing practices, it is centred around maintaining the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. This ancient Indian healing system primarily promotes good health rather than fighting disease. Therefore, many practices are proactive and preventative in nature. 

In the same way that you may supplement your life with CBD, ayurvedic medicine seeks to preventatively support total body health. this means it helps you before you become run down, exhausted or ill. Moon milk’s roots are in ayurvedic practices. In these practices, people often take traditional nighttime spiced milk tonics to promote healthy sleep. 

How to incorporate Moon Milk into your night time routine

Many people have trouble switching off their thoughts or find themselves restless in bed. Try incorporating CBD Moon Milk into your evening routine; it may help you find relaxation. 

Firstly, though, you need to get the basics right. By simply creating a bedtime routine, you can help train your body and mind to relax and get ready for sleep.

Good sleep hygiene and improved sleep quality starts with your environment. Make sure your room is cool and dark, and you’re wearing comfortable pyjamas.

Most importantly, give yourself a technology curfew. Switch off your phone half an hour before bed to allow yourself to mindfully prepare your Moon Milk.

How to prepare CBD Moon Milk

Just like Japanese tea ceremonies, the practice of mindfully preparing this nighttime drink is deeply calming. In fact, it is an integral part of the relaxation process. Remember that preparing Moon Milk should be treated as a sacred ritual. Creating a calming environment while you prepare your milk will do wonders for improving your sleep.

Here are a few recipes to try: 

Whichever recipe you choose, prepare your drink mindfully and with purpose. Step away from your phone. Get comfortable in soft, loose clothing, and indulge in the process of preparing your drink. For example, choose a beautiful mug and sprinkle your Moon Milk with dried lavender flowers or rose petals, to create an immersive sensory experience. 

Powerful ingredients to promote healthy sleep


Ashwagandha is the key herbal ingredient in Moon Milk. It is known to have positive effects on the endocrine central nervous systems, because it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This herb also improves sleep quality and sleep onset latency, the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.


Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It is a powerful compound that can help reduce markers of inflammation and increase the levels of antioxidants in the body. BioCBD+ Total Body Care capsules contain curcumin sourced from turmeric, therefore ensuring you can reap the full benefits of this plant. 


Milk has natural mild sedative properties, which is why it is a traditional children’s bedtime drink. Non-dairy milks such as almond, soy or oat milk are a good substitute for those who don’t consume cow’s milk. Cow’s milk, soy milk and some other fortified non-dairy milks contain tryptophan – an amino acid that helps to increase levels of serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are essential for a good night’s sleep.


*Ashwagandha is safe for most people to consume, but it can interact with thyroid, blood pressure, and blood sugar medications. Check with your health practitioner to ensure ashwagandha is appropriate for your health. While moon milk made with ashwagandha is generally safe to consume, drinking too much in a day could be harmful. Save this calming and healing moon milk ritual for bedtime.