Can You Fly With CBD Oil?

CBD has exploded in popularity in the last few years. And it seems with each passing day, CBD only becomes more and more popular. Many consumers use CBD in their daily routine and it can be found in everyday products. 

But the rules around flying with CBD still confuse many consumers. What can and can’t be taken on a plane isn’t as straightforward as many travelers would hope. A significant portion of travelers are left asking “Can you take CBD on a plane?”

The simple answer is yes, you can fly with CBD oil and CBD products. However, laws and regulations around CBD always seem to be changing. Here are a few things you need to know before flying with CBD oil.

Can I take CBD on a domestic flight?

Where your CBD comes from will determine whether you can take that product on a flight or if you should leave it at home. CBD oil can be derived from two plants: cannabis or hemp plants. While these plants share some similarities, the federal government doesn’t see them the same way. 

CBD originally derived from marijuana or cannabis plants is still illegal in some states. These laws may eventually change, but until they do, it isn’t advised you travel with CBD with cannabis origins.    

CBD oil from hemp is legal at the federal level. Some states may have laws about CBD sales, but taking CBD oil from hemp across state lines or on domestic flights is totally legal. In short, flying domestically with CBD oil is legal as long as the product is derived from a hemp plant.  

How to tell where your CBD comes from

Telling where your CBD oil comes from should be simple. High-quality CBD brands should list where the oil is derived from clearly on the packaging. If the information isn’t clearly listed, it’s a low-quality product and one you shouldn’t take the risk of traveling with. 

We’re proud to say all of our products are made from ethically farmed organic hemp. All of our products are also 0.0% THC, ensuring they’re safe to travel with domestically. 

Traveling with CBD oil internationally is a different story 

Laws about traveling with CBD oil internationally are much more hit and miss. Err on the side of caution when traveling with CBD oil internationally. Even though CBD has been shown to have many benefits, some strict countries may still treat it as a controlled substance.

If you feel that you have to have your CBD while traveling abroad, research the laws of the country or countries you’re traveling to. If you have a layover in another country, make sure to research their laws on traveling with CBD oil internationally. You don’t want any surprise visits from airport security during your travels. 

TSA rules and CBD 

It’s no secret, the TSA is strict about how much liquid can be brought on a carry-on bag. We’ve all seen someone throwing away a water bottle or being pulled out of line for having too much shampoo. Flying with CBD oil is no different. To be safe, you’ll want to follow TSA’s 3-1-1 rules.   

Checked bag

Containers larger than 3.4 ounces must be placed in checked bags. 

Carry on-bag 

3.4-ounce containers or smaller that fit in a quart-sized plastic bag can be placed in your carry-on bag. Our topical CBD oil comes in two-ounce bottles. Meaning you’ll be able to include it in your carry-on bag with no problem. 

Before taking any trip, we suggest regularly checking the TSA website to ensure guidelines haven’t changed. 

Benefits of flying with CBD oil

There aren’t many travelers that enjoy airports or long flights. Cramped seats, bad food, and missing luggage can make any traveler end up feeling sore or stressed. Flying with CBD oil can help alleviate some of the most common and irritating travel problems. 

Achy plane rides 

Depending on what travel issues you run into can determine which CBD product you need. If you’re the type of traveler that gets sore after or during a flight, a topical CBD oil is perfect for you. Simply apply topical CBD oil to the sore area, and you’ll quickly start to feel relief. 

Stressful airports 

CBD is often used to enhance or boost mood. If you’re a traveler that gets stressed or anxious, a CBD gummy or water-soluble capsule will work best for you. Our gummy fruit slices and water-soluble capsules provide full body relief to many of these common travel problems.  


Nothing can make a trip more miserable than being off schedule. Even just a few hours of missed sleep can be the difference between an unbearable vacation or a life-changing adventure. 

Studies show that CBD can improve the quality of sleep. Many of our customers report using our products before bed gives them a better night’s sleep. Not only that, but customers also said they felt more refreshed and less groggy when waking up after using our products.  

Our founder, James, loves taking our water-soluble capsules before a red-eye flight. Even if he isn’t able to get much sleep on the flight, James still feels well-rested after taking a capsule.  

What about other forms of travel?

Obviously, flying isn’t the only form of travel. There are other forms of specialty travel, including cruises where you may want to bring CBD products. Unfortunately, there isn’t much uniformity amongst cruise lines about traveling with CBD. Some cruise lines are totally fine with passengers traveling with CBD, while others prohibit CBD completely. 

Make sure to call your cruise provider before setting sail. Most cruises should easily be able to provide information on their CBD policies. No matter what form of travel you plan on taking, do not try to hide your CBD products. Trying to sneak on CBD products not only seems suspicious but could bring your trip to a quick end. 

Now that you know the rules and uses of traveling and flying with CBD oil, there are only a few things left to do. First, book your ticket to your next great adventure. And second, pick the right CBD product for you as a traveler. 

We have gummies, water-soluble capsules, and topical oil to help provide relief to common travel alignments. We’re so confident in our products that after only a few tires, you’ll make biocbd+ one of your travel essentials.