With all the amazing benefits of CBD, it’s no wonder CBD has become more and more popular. As the demand for CBD grows, the market becomes more saturated with various products and oils.  But not all CBD products and brands are the same. The quality of CBD can range drastically between brands.  

Here are ten things to look for to find high-quality CBD oil and products. 

What to Watch Out for When Buying CBD 

  1. Amount of CBD clearly listed 
  2. Backed by research and science 
  3. Price is right 
  4. Mission over margins 
  5. Proper hemp farming 
  6. Low amounts of THC 
  7. No artificial colors or sweeteners 
  8. Fillers, solvents, and surfactants 
  9. Lab-tested 
  10. Customer reviews 

Amount of CBD is Clearly Listed 

Some companies spend tons of time investing in over-the-top labels and websites. Fancy graphics, industry terms, and bright colors are all used to trick consumers into thinking they’re buying the next great CBD product. When in reality, there is one thing all high-quality CBD brands should have listed, the amount of CBD in each product.

High-quality CBD brands will always tell you how much CBD is in their products. On our product pages, you can find the amount of CBD in each of our products clearly listed. Make sure you’re investing in high-quality CBD by always finding how much CBD is in each product. 

Backed by Research and Science 

Many CBD brands make dubious claims with no scientific backing to prove their claims. In order to find high-quality CBD, you’ll want to find brands that have done research and developed their products using science. 

Our water-soluble CBD capsules and oil were developed by Dr. Singh and his team. Dr. Singh spent nearly 30 years developing and launching diagnostics, vaccines, nutraceuticals, and nanomedicines. The patented “curcumin infusion” technology Dr. Singh was licensed to bioCBD+ back in 2015.

Price is Right

Sometimes in life, a basement bottom price isn’t always a bad thing. However, with CBD, cheapest doesn’t always mean best. In fact, cheap CBD is rarely ever high-quality CBD. 

Creating high-quality CBD products isn’t a cheap process. Therefore, most high-quality CBD brands can’t offer clearance-type prices. Think of CBD as an investment. You’ll be putting this product directly into your body; make sure you’re investing in the highest-quality CBD possible. 

Mission Over Margins 

Too often, companies start selling CBD to make a quick buck. Many companies focus on their margins without having a mission. To find high-quality CBD, you’ll want to find a company that has a clear mission. 

Biocbd+ was founded with a mission to provide a product that works for the people who need it most. We even run scholarship and donation programs for our products. Success to us is by the positive impact we make, not the size of our profit margins. 

Proper Hemp Farming 

Producing high-quality CBD starts at the very beginning of the farming process. To have high-quality CBD, you’ll need to have high-quality hemp. Hemp can be farmed in a variety of ways that impact the quality of CBD products. 

High-quality hemp for biocbd+ is sourced from US farmers. The farmers we source from use organic growing practices. The hemp we use requires no fertilizers, little water, and removes toxins and heavy metals from the soil.  

Low Amounts of THC 

Some CBD may contain small amounts of THC. High-quality CBD is usually 0.03% or less of THC. A high percentage of THC can create uncomfortable psychoactive effects for consumers. Not only is a higher percentage of THC dangerous, but it could also end up making the product illegal. 

There is zero percent THC in our high-quality CBD products. With zero percent CBD, we can guarantee our product is safe and legal. 

No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

Not only are artificial colors and flavors dangerous for your body, but they’re also a sign of low-quality CBD. Many low-quality CBD products rely on artificial colors or flavors to make their product stand out. However, a majority of the time, these brands are trying to mask other issues with their products. 

At biocbd+, we never use artificial colors or flavors in any of our products. Even our organic fruit slices are sweetened with organic sugar. We’re committed to making sure our products are as healthy as possible.

Fillers, Solvents, and Surfactants 

Too often, CBD companies will use cheap fillers, solvents, and surfactants in their products. Most of the time, companies won’t clearly label when they’re using fillers, leaving their customers in the dark about what they’re buying. High-quality CBD products avoid using fillers at all costs. 

We create products that never use fillers and are always non-toxic. Our products contain 100% carefully sourced simple, natural ingredients. We provide the full benefits of CBD without any garbage. 

Lab Tested 

Any reputable and high-quality CBD brand will have lab results to back its products. If you ever find a brand without lab results, it’s safe to assume their products are low-quality. However, not all lab results are the same.

To assure the product is high-quality CBD, you’ll want to find lab results that clearly state the: 

  • Concentration of cannabinoids
  • Presence of contaminants 
  • Levels of heavy metals and mycotoxins

At biocbd+, all of our products are lab tested. Not only that, but the farming process also removes heavy metals and other toxins. 

Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to find high-quality CBD products. CBD customers don’t lie – they know what works and the impact of products. At biocbd+, we’re proud to say our customers find our products high-quality and life-changing.

It warms our hearts to get reviews from our customers, including from Harris, who said: 

“BioCBD Plus™ Muscle & Joint Relief – CBD Topical Oil has been a game-changer for me! I live a very active lifestyle, work out every day and play league sports on the weekend, and since making the move to the CBD topical oil instead of the relief spray and gels you get at pharmacies, I’ve noticed such a big difference! 

You can apply it before the activity for an extra push, or you can massage it after the activity or before sleeping and wake up fresh with no soreness! It’s made a big difference, definitely encourage people to try it!”

You can read more customer reviews at the bottom of each of our product pages. 

biocbd+ Has The High-quality CBD Products You’re Searching For

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD from a brand that cares, biocbd+ is the CBD provider for you. All our products meet the criteria for high-quality CBD. We offer three different products including, water-soluble capsules, topical oil, and organic fruit slices. Explore our high-quality CBD products to find the right one for you.