Physical wellness is a complex idea. Various factors can affect one’s physical health, and these factors affect everyone differently. For example, some people need more sleep than others. Some people require different diets due to health conditions. Some require different levels of regular physical activity in order to maintain a healthy weight. However, there are some common areas of one’s lifestyle that can generally be targeted to improve one’s overall physical wellness. If you’re looking to reevaluate and improve your physical wellness in some way, consider the following adjustments you can make to improve your physical well-being in 4 different areas of your life. 

1. Get a good night’s sleep

A large factor in one’s physical wellness is the amount (and quality) of sleep they are getting. When we don’t get enough sleep, our productivity, mental alertness, and overall well-being diminish. We may feel cranky and short-tempered the following day. We may feel unable to focus. Simply put, without proper sleep, our body cannot function to its fullest potential. A chronic lack of sleep can even expose us to potentially higher risks of diabetes and heart disease. 

Therefore, getting a proper night’s rest each night is imperative to remaining physically well. Some ways of improving sleep quality could include a self-imposed screen time limit before bed, or creating a consistent night-time routine to help you wind down each night. For more information on what constitutes a good night-time routine, read our blog: “Nourish your soul with CBD”. 

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2. Start a consistent exercise routine

It is well known that physical exercise is great for your physical health. Those who exercise often generally experience better sleep, lower blood pressure, and easier weight management, among other benefits. However, one of the hardest parts about getting into a consistent exercise routine is just that: finding the motivation to make it a consistent part of your life. 

If daily or weekly exercise isn’t already a part of your life, try starting small with short, repetitive workouts that you rotate through a few times a week. The key is to get your body used to exercising in small amounts, and to slowly build up the time you spend exercising each day.

If you already have a good exercise routine in place, shift your focus to other elements of your workout. For example, ensure you are spending enough time on your warmup and cool-down routines. These ensure your body gets the care and attention it needs to be able to support you during a workout. Ensure you stretch well both before and after your workout, and hydrate properly throughout. To elevate your cool-down routine, try massaging biocbd+ Topical Oil into your muscles. This makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable post-workout experience. 

3. Plan your meals ahead of time

Our diet is one of the more important – if not the most important – aspects of our physical wellness. It may sound simple, but it can often become difficult to maintain good eating habits when life gets busy. Not to mention, there are thousands of different kinds of diets out there. Each diet is targeted towards different health goals ranging anywhere from weight loss to weight gain to muscle gain and more. This can be overwhelming for anyone who is trying to research and learn more about how our food plays a part in our health. 

Planning meals ahead of time is a good way to ensure we stick to healthy eating habits. On days when it seems there is nothing – or no time – to cook, having a plan already laid out helps keep you on track. Choose one day a week to be your planning day. On this day, put together a list of all the meals you want to have for the next seven days. Then, do all the shopping required for the week that day.

By restricting yourself to one shopping day per week and buying everything you need for the whole week at once, you lower the likelihood of making a frozen dinner later in the week when you’re too tired to go to the store for fresh ingredients. You also decrease the likelihood of making impulse purchases, saving you both time and money. This improves your chances of sticking to a healthy eating routine, which directly contributes to your overall physical wellness. 

4. Take supplements for a daily wellness pick-me-up

Sometimes, we feel like we’re missing out on some important nutrients even if our diet is balanced. You may feel as though your diet just isn’t cutting it, particularly on days when you’re extra busy, or feeling a little bit off.

In these cases, supplements can be a great way of getting a little extra boost of daily nutrition. You may consider taking certain vitamins if you have a specific nutrition goal in mind, or if you know your diet is lacking in a certain area some days. For example, if you haven’t managed to get outside as much as you’d like for a few days, you could consider taking a Vitamin D supplement to help mitigate the effects of lower sun exposure. Perhaps you’ve noticed the last few meals have been lacking in fiber content, or calcium. You could take a supplement that specifically targets those deficiencies. 

There are also many different types of multivitamins out there that are designed to provide your body with an all-around boost with various vitamin contents. The options are nearly infinite; you are bound to find one that works for you. Jamison’s adult multivitamin is a tried-and-true option, or, for a chewable, tastier option, try Centrum’s multigummies. And be sure to try our own Organic CBD Gummies!

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