CBD supplements are quickly becoming more popular for use during relaxing lifestyle practices, like yoga and meditation. But did you know that it can also add value to the more invigorating and stimulating parts of your life, such as your exercise routine? Working out puts strain on your body, requiring extra focus to maintain your wellbeing. Here are 3 ways you can use CBD before, during, and after your workout to give your body a boost.

Give yourself a quick boost of energy 

One of the hardest parts of exercising is finding the energy and motivation to start moving your body. A good way to better motivate yourself to workout is by tracking your progress. This can mean many different things: some people like to track their weight loss, while others focus on the number of steps they take, or the number of miles they walk in a day. Figure out what type of milestone motivates you, and set up a reward system for not only reaching that goal, but reaching smaller milestones along the way as well. This helps boost your motivation even more than simply tracking large goals. Tracking your progress in bite-sized chunks helps it become something to look forward to each day.

Even with these motivation methods on hand, we may still find ourselves sometimes lacking the energy to get out of the house and get moving. On days when you need a little extra boost, consider trying a CBD-infused gummy to get your energy levels flowing. biocbd+ Organic Fruit Slices are sweet, delicious CBD gummies infused with broad-spectrum CBD for a pick-me-up that helps give your body a boost and allows you to participate more fully in longer workouts. 

Improve your relaxation after exercise

It’s incredibly important to properly cool down your body after a workout. This ensures a gradual return to your pre-workout heart rate and blood pressure. Stopping a workout abruptly without performing cool-down techniques such as stretching, massage, or meditation can leave you light-headed and dizzy, or even cause you to faint. This is because your blood is heavily concentrated within your extremities, and your heart pumps much faster than normal. 

During your cool-down routine, focus on both body-relaxation and mind-relaxation techniques. The goal is to gently bring your mind and body back to your resting state. During exercise, endorphins are released which induce positive feelings in your mind. So, while you stretch to cool down, fixate on these positive feelings. Allow yourself to relish in the tiredness of your body as you tend to it. 

Here is an example of a light cool-down routine you can try:

  • 10 minutes of light jogging immediately after finishing your workout. Keep the pace manageable. Focus on your heart rate. 
  • Upper body stretches: With your hands interlaced and stretched above your head, slowly stretch your upper body from one side to the other. Hold each side for a few seconds before slowly coming back to your center. Breathe deeply throughout. 
  • Lower body stretches: while sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, slowly bend forward to touch your toes. Next, lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest, one at a time, and hold for a few seconds. Alternate between these two positions for 5 minutes. 
  • Finally, spend a few minutes meditating to relax your mind. You could rotate through a few yoga positions, such as child’s pose or downward dog, during this time as well.

To add an extra element of elevation to your stretching routine, try massaging your muscles with biocbd+ Topical Oil before or during the cool-down process. Rich in natural cannabidiol from hemp, as well as other natural ingredients, this topical CBD oil is formulated to promote overall comfort and relaxation. Not only does it soothe your muscles, it will also help you feel more refreshed after a long workout. 

Prepare yourself for a better night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep ensures your body and your mind get the most out of your exercise routine. You have more energy and mental focus when you start the day well-rested. Similarly, your body is better able to rest and heal when you get a good night’s sleep after a workout. 

To help you feel the most relaxed and ready for sleep, try massaging a few drops of biocbd+ Topical Oil onto your skin before bed. Put it anywhere your muscles are the most tight or sore. Using a heat pack on any injuries or sore joints can feel soothing as well. Diffusing a few drops of a relaxing essential oil, such as a lavender oil, can also help relax your mind and ensure you drift off into a restful, healing sleep. Look into different essential oil scents and their suggested benefits to find one that works for you.

Finally, remember that everyone’s body is different. Listen to your body, and give it what it needs. Understanding the needs of your own body and mind during prolonged exercise is key to getting the most from your workout. We recommend that anyone interested in trying CBD to improve certain aspects of their workout routine and give their body a boost do their own research to determine how CBD may be beneficial for them.